Inspiration from an unusual source

I like the column by Mr. Subroto Bagchi in Times of India. He often writes about ordinary people who struggle a lot amidst trying circumstances to achieve something. I met a similar person last night.

Puneet, was driving a private car for three years. Slowly he saved some money and now he has bought a Tata Sumo. He is driving it for a vendor of IBM. He works six days a week - Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, he plays cricket near his residence in Jayanagar. He is also going through Bachelor of Commerce course through correspondence.

It's amazing how some people will work amongst all the challenges to succeed and live a better life! Fortunately for me, I got to chat a bit with him. He was the driver and owner of the cab which dropped me home. It was his first day at work for IBM. I thanked him for talking to me and dropping me... but I wonder now, if I thanked him enough! He got me thinking about my life!

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Kailash said...

This is mere opinion of your writing skills, it makes for entertaining and interesting reading. Incase u decide to give up our day job.......there is hope.
Your interaction with the student driver got me thinking as well. Looking forward to reading more of what u have to offer....