Emotions: I am

  • tired from all the physical work that I did for the last few days.
  • happy that the marriage went smoothly.
  • not sad, and neither did I cry, when it was time for me to say goodbye to my sister after her marriage. I have been asked this question a hundred times, and I don't see why, after planning her marriage for the last several months, so that she starts her own family, would suddenly regret it at that time and cry. My relatives found this a bit un-emotional.
  • amused at how some people try to make their living by dishonest means.
  • a little sorry that I missed all the football matches over the last week.
  • absolutely disgusted at what's happening in Mumbai.

The big, fat, chaotic, funny Indian wedding

Have not been able to write anything in the last few days as I was super busy. There's a marriage at home, and you know how things are, in any Indian house, when that happens. Lot's of shopping, planning, re-planning, more shopping, invitations, bookings, caterers, decorator, flowers, etcetera, etcetera.... most of our close relatives are visiting us often to help us. Some of them have already traveled to Kolkata for the event. It's family reunion time.

In the midst of all this, I have found a new pastime: Sudoku. I only attempted my first Sodoku a fortnight ago, and the first two days, couldn't solve anything! But now, I am able to solve them everyday, and one of the very first things I do each day. It's fun.

Most likely, won't be able to write anything in the next two weeks. Till then...