The big, fat, chaotic, funny Indian wedding

Have not been able to write anything in the last few days as I was super busy. There's a marriage at home, and you know how things are, in any Indian house, when that happens. Lot's of shopping, planning, re-planning, more shopping, invitations, bookings, caterers, decorator, flowers, etcetera, etcetera.... most of our close relatives are visiting us often to help us. Some of them have already traveled to Kolkata for the event. It's family reunion time.

In the midst of all this, I have found a new pastime: Sudoku. I only attempted my first Sodoku a fortnight ago, and the first two days, couldn't solve anything! But now, I am able to solve them everyday, and one of the very first things I do each day. It's fun.

Most likely, won't be able to write anything in the next two weeks. Till then...


Aarbee said...

Have funn!!! :-)

burf said...

cool, thanks for the update

Anuradha said...


I am said...

those 'Sudoku' are addictive :) good luck ...

bengali home wedding means so much good food...lucky you..!!! Am tempted to ask the menu :)...and offcourse jhari mara :)

don't bother to write the menu :)but do update about jharri..though I think am past that stage but its fun :)

enjoy :)

Butterfly said...

Enjoy yourself! Family weddings are so much fun.
And, Sudoku is so engaging. I love to solve it, specially when on a flight.But, it takes so much time that I am not often able to do it!But, then, you're brilliant because you are able to solve it everyday.:-)

B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks :-)

Will travel later :)

I will. Thanks.

The menu is usual Bengali wedding menu. No surprises there.

Jhari! Yeah, that is sure to happen. I am definitely past that stage, but will let you know what happens.

It takes time for me too. Of course each day it takes less time than the previous day. I am sure your time will improve with practise as well.