Emotions: I am

  • tired from all the physical work that I did for the last few days.
  • happy that the marriage went smoothly.
  • not sad, and neither did I cry, when it was time for me to say goodbye to my sister after her marriage. I have been asked this question a hundred times, and I don't see why, after planning her marriage for the last several months, so that she starts her own family, would suddenly regret it at that time and cry. My relatives found this a bit un-emotional.
  • amused at how some people try to make their living by dishonest means.
  • a little sorry that I missed all the football matches over the last week.
  • absolutely disgusted at what's happening in Mumbai.


I am said...

oo it was your sister's marriage. Must be lot of work then..and no 'jhari mara' as well :) too bad !

I do not agree to your (others) interpretation of crying or not. somebody's heart can bleed yet there won't be any tears and it could be the opposite too !

I think the way India weddings are executed and followed post the event the bye bye is made unwarrantably emotional and stressful moment and portrayed as the LAST (which is so unrealistic)! But I do find it a mix of happiness (for the unknown) and sadness (for leaving the known) but yes it does not call for crying always :)

but anyway guys are emotionally handicapped!! :)

MUMBAI !!!! - its very shocking, disturbing, frustrating and disappointing that 20 men stopped the country !! I HOPE WE DO NOT just forget this incident like others..

sorry for the loooooong comment.. an after effect of my anger I guess !! am just passing it on to otherss!!

ChAsMeBaDoOr said...

Nyc thought :)

ya its true.. evryone's disgusted and stunned by the terror attack in Mumbai...Hope Mumbai comes out of this soon..


B. O'Hemian said...

Jhari mara must have happened. My cousins insisted that I find my future bride from the gathering itself. I could only quote the present universal truth: "Market kharap jachhe" (The market is down).

I am absolutely ok with others crying. But I should not have to justify why I didn't cry, should I?

Mumbai: Alas, I am speechless.

Hope so. Although it's just not Mumbai, it's the whole country which has to come out of it.

deeps said...

i agree abt the this all crying/emotional part......its a joyous occassion and everyone should be happy for it.

as for mumbai : :(
this will go on till there is no political and social will power and till we keep on acting like resilient junta........

I am said...

HA HA HA LOL... I really laughed at your universal truth!!!

have been too serious for last two days!!

I Am

Rohit Talwar said...

Yeah, you'll feel it about the physical work now... umar jo ho chali hai.

I am glad everything went well. Photu dikhao!

Butterfly said...

So,was this your own sister's marriage or your cousin's? But, no matter what it was, I totally support you about the not-crying part. Marriage is a happy occasion and neither the bride nor her family members should ever cry. This is what I have always thought.They might be feeling a bit unhappy because they are going to lead separate lives forever(provided there is no divorce in future). But, they should never show off this sad feeling too much and make the atmosphere gloomy.

Sanjit said...

Hey Shubu!! Congratz and sorry could not make it to the wedding. I dont have a sister so I dont know how it feels. However, I feel people cry out of compulsion rather than emotion. It amazed me that people have asked you this question. I am sure you must have gone through this emotional turmoil much before it actually happened.

On a lighter side...when is urs?

B. O'Hemian said...

It's such a frustrating situation!


Umar.. hmm

My own sister's.
I am totally cool about others crying, if they want to. But if I have to defend my not crying...

Thanks. Totally agree about the compulsion vs. emotion part.
On a serious note: when is yours? :P

burf said...

absolutely disgusted

Reeta Skeeter said...

I am not only disgusted but pained...I lost someone in the Mumbai attacks...and have been blank ever since...and then we all lost our fellow countrymen...
Congratulations to your sister :)

B. O'Hemian said...


I am so sorry to hear that.