India Crying: Politicians face the people

One sentiment coming out clearly from the Mumbai terror attacks is the lack of credibility of politicians in India.

Be it Mr. Hemant Karkare's family refusing the one crore offered by the Gujrat CM Narendra Modi, or Major Unnikrishnan's family refusing to let Kerala CM, V S Achuthanandan inside their house, the mood seems to be unanimous. BTW, only if all the philanthropies came a little earlier, maybe our soldiers would have better equipment / protection and not lose their lives so cheaply. If only the sniffer dogs sent to sniff out bombs in the late Major's house (so that the CM can be safe there) were deployed elsewhere, maybe the terrorists would be caught earlier.

Sobhaa De's angry reaction on television to the attack was "Remove security cover for these politicians. Only then will they act". I totally agree with this. What's the point of giving highly trained NSG commandos the duty to protect politicians, when it takes hours to deploy them in a crisis situation like Mumbai?

I have even heard of conspiracy theories about Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Desmukh being involved in this attack to get him out of the MNS / Marathi Manoos row! Though far fetched, if people can even think that the CM of a state may be involved, it shows what respect they have for him. The less said about his deputy, R. R. Patil, the better. Times of India, today, on the first page called him a joker. If he says one more sentence like the one he said earlier: "Small incidents happen in big cities", devil help him from mob fury.

Several SMSes are doing the rounds asking where MNS chief Raj Thackeray is, and why he didn't tackle this problem of non-Mumbaikars attacking iconic landmarks in the capital of his beloved Maharashtra?

I didn't see the Home Minister, now ex Home Minister, Shivraj Patil, giving any statement, or reaction even after couple of days of the attack. Instead, the foreign minister gave most of the statements. What is the use of a home minister, if he can't stand up during times of crisis and lead the operations?

Several people I know, and some eminent personalities are asking the common people to refrain from voting, and electing scumbags. The only meek response to this seems to be "What will happen to our democracy?". No one is saying that voting allows the right people to run our country. Seems everyone is sure there is no right person to run the country! I would have endorsed this boycott votes too, but I, like many people, do not know the answer to: What's the alternative?

Politicians: Please show us some sign that you have the desire and will to lead this country.


Aarbee said...

It's pathetic. And not just the politicians, the bureaucrats are in the same league. Just that they are low profile most of the time. Just today my mom was telling me how the Aviation Research Centre gets CRORES sanctioned only for aviation fuel while the planes are actually not even flying. Things like pre-flight meals are charged from our taxes too. It's disgusting.

ChAsMeBaDoOr said...

i totally agree with you.. Im fed up with this govt.. they are being so insensible.. still they are going on playing the blame-game.. when will these people grow up and show some responsibilties.. DAMN!! But again do u think boycotting the voting system will make any diff.. there are many such places.. and i hav witnessed one in past.. that voters are not needed anymore to vote for the parties.. they vote for themselves and ask us to stay back at home saying " apka vote de diya gaya hai ,aap ja sakte hai".. Here money and power speaks... corruption is evrywhere.. and we r the victims.. they say we the public are equally responsible for this tragedy.. i ask them do they ever care to listen to us???

I am said...

I was actually waiting for you to write and hear your frustration in your word !!

here is a link :

you might have seen it.. on news anyways.. neway I came to pass on this news will read your thought in the evening :)

B. O'Hemian said...

I am sure it's there everywhere. It's pathetic.

Even I doubt that boycotting votes will solve anything. But there is a provision in the Election Commission's law that allows you to go to the polling station, register, and then choose not to vote. That way, at least things like you mentioned will not happen.

Yup... read that. Have you seen the rule that I mentioned above?

I am said...

Finally got to read your post :)

Yes the 49-O is going around in emails since yesterday..I also came to know it now..

I was surprised how MOST of the politicians remained quite about this whole incident, seems that everybody had disappeared. Advani speech on top of that was, as if he needs more evidence to condemn such actions !!!

UFF...anyway..enough of frustration..

Can't there be an alternative group of the educated citizen forming a new group and fighting the elections? Given that the coming election fails or IS JUST postponed DUE to revolt by people.

Let these new people debate with the current parties and politicians on their proposition or policies and win peoples Vote?

Butterfly said...

Hundreds of commandos could not tackle 9 terrorists...May God send useful and wise politicians to our country...

B. O'Hemian said...

I hope that alternative group happens. It's not about macro ideologies and bullshit anymore. Anyway, the country is being led by coalitions with nothing ideologically common between them.

I wonder if God will send them. I guess we need to find them.

Anjuli said...

gimme ur e-mail id. I spoke to Ashutosh yesterday (the one who initiated Rebuild India Mission), will forward u the links and the mail that he sent me and to some others as well.

Rohit Talwar said...

Sobhaa De, for a change, made some sense.
Check out too.