Strange but true

Observations from the latest few days of my life:
  • I went to a party of mostly second and third cousins, some once or twice removed. I actually enjoyed the party!
  • At the same party, I heard two young girls discussing Bajaj Pulsar 220 vs. Hero Honda Karizma!
  • Some people want India to attack Pakistan, though there are countless problems, including terrorism not sponsored by Pakistani elements, within our country.
  • We still don't know how to handle people. If only you saw what happened when Maradona was in town, you would know what I am talking about. Hundreds of people on the stadium ground, with otherwise no business to be there, trying to get close to him, or get a snap, or get an autograph.
  • Just when I was giving up on my old laptop, it started working on it's own.
  • My pen-drive went through a wash and spin cycle in the washing machine along with my pair of jeans. And it still works! Transcend rocks!
  • It's a quarter month gone in December, and it's still warm here.


Aarbee said...

And what brand may that washing machine be? :P

ChAsMeBaDoOr said...

taragic but true.. funny but sarcastic and careless but lucky u..:)

ur lapy loves u.. and it wants 2 b wid u...


B. O'Hemian said...

Err... Whirlpool. Kapde saaf karta hai.

No, no... everything else but not careless - I totally blamed it on Ma for not checking :-)

~ ॐ ~ said...

khoob bhalo dada !!

Reeta Skeeter said...

RB asked a good question :P
Mujhe aisa laga ki I just read a comic strip...machine and pen drive...khi khi..

and WOW u r lucky with ur lappy :) u saved so much money... ;)

B. O'Hemian said...

Hai na?

What good question!?! Here I am praising the strength of my pen-drive and everyone is after the poor washing machine.

Oh, the lappy.. it saved me more than I could afford right now.

~ ॐ ~ said...

Ekdum bhai...

also i think some credit should go to the jeans too for saving your memory :P what brand?

do i see a future ad? Information Security through Denim :P

Wet it, wash it, spin it, dry it, still save it !

B. O'Hemian said...

Levi's, of course. Ad ka idea achha hai :)

I am said...

1. ha ha good 'abi aap jawan ho ':)
2. aaaj ki nari :)
4. u bet and all bus detoured and stopped coz of mad jobless bong's from 13 no to EM by pass !
5. awesome.. 'abhi to mai jawan hoon'
6. he he he..something similar happened a while back to my pen drive too :) and it still works!!
7. bechara 'monkey cap' un-utilized!!:)

B. O'Hemian said...

1. Rather shows I am growing old!
6. Something similar - it swam?
7. Monkey cap - I got to buy one someday. After all no self respecting Bong can be seen without one from fall to spring, right?

Arobindo said...

yup...yes sir and a half sweater is a must...

Butterfly said...

Warm? Its so hot!I still sweat in the afternoons and we still have to use the fans...Its so irritating.
And there really was no point in spending all that money on Maradona.

B. O'Hemian said...

Of course... forgot the half sweater. :-)

True... they are saying it's the hottest December in history. :-(

Rohit Talwar said...

Yeah, it's still not that cold here and it's just so disappointing. I have been dreaming about 3 degrees for over two weeks now.

~ Deeps ~ said...

hmmm....well its getting quite cold here :)

I am said...

"I got to buy one someday. After all no self respecting Bong can be seen without one from fall to spring, right?" - 200% :) :D

Tifossi said...

lol..Transcend does rock..nice even girls discuss bikes eh.. interestin

B. O'Hemian said...

3 degrees! Dream on!

Since yesterday it's colder here too. Nothing remotely close to Delhi's cold of course.

Where is yours? :P

Strange but true :-)

ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

this is wot v kids ( u rnt a kid nemore though) love to do.. ie v alway tend to put the blame on mom's[:P]

Rohit Talwar said...

@ D
"Quite cold"?

Hmph. You call it quite cold? Don't settle for 15 degrees man!

B. O'Hemian said...

We are all kids in front of our parents ;-) aren't we?

15 is better than 20, specially if you know, 10 is the least you are going to get.