DSLR: To Buy Or Not To Buy

To buy or not to buy - that is the question! The will and reasons to buy a DSLR is increasing day by day.

First, the experiments with the last few rolls did not come as expected. Most of the prints are somewhere waiting to be destroyed.

Second, on Sunday, Deepti was talking about buying the Canon 350D. Funny, when you talk about something that you remotely want with someone who remotely wants it and it increases your crave for that object!

Third, I took just eight snaps at Nandi hills. Now I will either have to wait for the right moment to finish this roll, or I will have to do pointless photography! With a DSLR, I can take shots that I like: could be one, could be five, could be 36 at a time.

Still I am not buying it right now. I want to try the Nikon D70 or D50 and Canon 350D before I decide to buy. And an investment of 50K is still a luxury for me. Hope the price will come down soon :-)

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