Broken Promises and Black Beauty in jail

In case you are wondering what happened to the grand trekking plan, here's what happened: Sriram had some family business in Chennai, so he backed out. That he did not leave Delhi is a different issue. He was busy in office. Milind had office work so he said he would only attend the marriage. But after Friday, he did not answer the phone! Later, I came to know that he had gone somewhere with his team! James told me that four days could be difficult to manage, so let's make it two days. Since there was no one else, that was never discussed further. He did make it to the marriage though.

So I had four days with me without a definite plan. But I did have work! Arun was supposed to leave on Wednesday. Arobindo took Sudip's car to drop him at the airport. While coming back, he met with an accident. Arun missed the flight because of some agitation at the airport by some people and the subsequent closure of the check-in counter. We reached the police station where Sudip's car - the black beauty was parked. After a whole day of discussion and negotiations, we managed to get her out of the police station. Even while it was a tense day, we managed to crack jokes and cheer each other. We even discussed the chances of Aro being in the same jail as Salman Khan... and the opportunities there after! Thankfully, there was no police case. Next day, Arun managed to leave for Bangalore, Sudip took the car to the workshop and others returned to their normal life.

For me, the next few days were very relaxed. Normally spent reading books, watching TV, going for walks and meeting friends. I met Ananya (Abhishek's daughter) for the first time. Friday night, Shaji brought some friends along from office and it was a long session of drinks and singing. Saturday, the trainers from Flextronics met at India Gate for a meeting - Sriram, James, Abhishek, Milind, Arun (Jhambo) and me. As usual, it was a session of leg pulling and discussion about different companies that we are now part of. We had dinner at Pind, Pandara Road. Thanks to Jhambo for the dessert.

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Sudip said...

it was just yesterday when i deleted the SMS that Salman bhai had sent me at 0600hrs that wednesday - "if yr awake, please call me"; never bothered to pay attention to Aro saying that the black beauty was in pain - only after Shaji came in, I realized that this could be true... alas - it was! Ohh... what a sight!