Five reasons why I think England might win the World Cup

1. Defense: Ferdinand, Garragher, John Terry and Sol Campbell can all play central defense. Gary Neville in the right back position and Ashley Cole(if he is fit) in the left back position and you have a solid defense.

2. Midfield: Beckham / Shaun Wright Phillips playing right, Gerrard and Lampard playing attacking midfield, Owen Hargreaves / Carrick playing defensive midfield and Joe Cole in left looks formidable. It's a pity Gerrard, Lampard and Beckham may not play together.

3. Forward: This could well be Rooney's world cup. Besides Rooney, Owen(if fit) and Crouch are there to play forward. Darren Bent can be a good replacement.

4. Bench: Jermaine Defoe, Jermaine Jenas, Woodgate, Ledley King, Alan Smith(if fit) can all be very worthy replacements to the replacements / alternates already mentioned.

5. The draw: If everything goes right they should top Group B. Second round they meet Costa Rica / Poland and then Mexico / Holland in the quarterfinals. If they manage to go through all these, in the semifinals, they meet Brazil. Then anything can happen!

Overall, England is a strong team. Against Uruguay, they showed they have the character to come back and fight. They have key players at all positions and also have good replacements. They can be a very attacking side. Think of this: Gerrard, Lampard, Carrick or Hargreaves fighting for the ball in midfield; Neville - Beckham from right and Ashley Cole - Joe Cole from left creating waves of attacks; Rooney and Crouch prowling in front of opponent's goal - exciting! Can't wait to watch them.


~ Deeps ~ said...

well everything u said was right....except sol not gonna be there and i think just on form...brown and terry are best CD right now

Subhadip said...

Terry is definitely one of the CDs. I personally don't think Brown is better than Garragher. Garragher is one reliable guy. Ferdinand can be good too, but he has this amazing ability to do stupid, almost comical mistakes. I think more important is what Mr. Coach thinks of them. Anyway, thanks for writing. I think you are Prashant's friend, right?

Aritro Dasgupta said...

Carragher my dear not G.
Overall I agree with tou totally. I think we have a gerat team this time. Its a pity there's no wright-phillips in the team. However I dont get this debate of gerrard and lampard not playing together and needing protection fron Carrick. I do think gerrard is the typical box 2 box man a la keane, vieira, effenberg and more recently essien. Lampard will get us goals and I think beckham owes sumthng 2 d millions of unied fans who once worshipped him and also 2 d amy detractors, men who are just jealous of his gud luks and thus luck wid beautiful women. As 4 rooney he cud make d diff once he starts playing. Sven has googed up in selecting forwards as owen is the only proven goal scorer. And finally inspite of being RED to d core of my heart I vouch 4 carregher over ferdinand.

Subhadip said...

You are right about C-arragher. I didn't say Lampard and Gerrard not playing together... I said Beckham, Gerrard and Lampard not playing together. Then it becomes too attacking. Can you leave out Joe Cole in the left midfield? Then you only have Gerrard playing holding role... and Carrick is too valuable to leave out. Don't you think?

Aritro Dasgupta] said...

With Joe Cole playing on the left I think the other cole Ashley's task becomes all the more important. Joe is right footed so he will cut inside so ash will have to cover a lot of space. At Euro 2004 one of my fav players ever Scholes was deployed on the problematic left side to accomodate Gerr and Lamp. But he just isn't a winger. Atleast Joe has the wing experience thru Chelsea and Mourinho. I think a 4-4-2 should pe employed in the 1st round and then we can shift to a more defensive formation from the quarters if the need arises. Again if its 4-1-4-1 will you play rooney to the left a mov ewhich was a disaster at ManU?

Aritro Dasgupta said...

Could u please give me ur opinions on the inclusion of Walcott!