Marching into March

It's the end of another week and it's time for me to write the weekend report.

Weekdays were normal; after returning from Delhi, I took some time to settle down to work; good that I finished all my work for February before I left.

Weekend was lazy as usual. Saturday was all about waking up (big job), watching TV, listening to music, and finally dining out at Chung's. The food was very nice; service was slow though(for a chinese joint); portioning was great. What we ordered for three turned out to be enough for five!

Sunday was when we decided to give Samarth's TV back to him. From now on for a few days, we don't have television. Sushant had come over after a long time and we decided that we were to cook lunch for him. The menu - Dal, Dum Aloo, Papad, Pickles and roti; the chef - Mr. Arun Salwan; the helpers - Kailash and me; the guests - Sushant, Samarth and Anu; the food - GOOD! It always is when you cook yourself. We had fun while cooking pulling each other's legs and goofing up. I exceeded my own expectation when some of the rotis that I made were actually roundish in shape. Went out in the evening for some window shopping. Ended up watching "Fun with Dick and Jane" - my first movie in a Bangalore hall! Good hall - bad movie! We had choice of "Crash" and the Dick movie and I chose Dick: what a *&%$. Just came to know Crash has won the Oscar this year! Dinner was at Tigerbay (food court - Garuda mall) - they specialize in Seafood. The Prawn dishes were good. The fish cutlet was actually a fish chop! It didn't have a crispy coating of cutlet that is normally there due to the presence of egg. Heck - I am not your typical Bong, but I am a bong after all! Desserts and coffee were at Cafe Coffee Day, Indiranagar. Started missing the TV after we came back. But there is always a good side to everything. For about three hours, we were chatting about everything under the 'moon', which wouldn't have happened if there was TV! So let us talk, read and listen for a few days before we get a TV. Have to do something about the Champion's league matches!

Before I end this report, have to tell you a few positive things happening:
1. Shaji has gone to Dubai on Friday to find a job. I hope he does that soon and starts wearing "Dubai ka chasma". Settle down there Shaji - I will have one more place to visit!

2. After a long time, I felt the urge to click a few photographs: Model - Sushant; prop - guitar; set - terrace. Will post them as soon as I get them developed.

3. Anu just gifted Samarth a Motorazr V3i. It's sexy as hell and functional too! Thank whoever that Motorola had the brains to add expandable memory to the V3.

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oh.. he went for a job hunt... makes sense...

God bless him... and Good luck to him !!!