Frantic Feb

Have not been able to update this blog for some time now... not because I didn't do anything but because I was busy! This Saturday, I went to visit my cousin - Sayandeb aka Bappa-da, who just came back from the US. Debarati-di stuffed me with classic Bengali lunch which I ate heartily... let me make that HEARTILY! I swore that I won't eat for another day.... but fate had other plans for me!

Went with flatmates and neighbor - Rahul to Casa Piccola again. What can I say about the dinner... read the previous entry!

Sunday, we went to a place called Shivanasamudram - a waterfall. This was supposed to be 110 kms from Bangalore to be covered in 2:30 hrs. Research was done through Outlook weekend gateaway and maps. Unfortunately we took the wrong road... got lost... ultimately caught the shortest but bumpest path! It took us more than 5 hrs to reach there. What an anticlimax it was when we reached there - there was no water in the waterfall! While coming back, we took the Mysore road and came back in less than 3 hrs.

This week, I am a bit busy at work since later this week I am going on a vacation. Have to complete all monthly work by this Thursday!

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