February Fancies

Here's what I plan to do in February:

1st to 16th Feb: Finish all the audits(QA Deepshikha's job - she is on leave) I need to do in office.
17th Feb: Fly to Delhi (Flight IT202 ETA Delhi - 1005). Meet everyone!
18th Feb: Attend Sunil's marriage.
19th Feb: Chill out with friends.
20th Feb: Go to Dehradoon and attend Samarth's marriage.
21st to 24th Feb: T R E K.
25th Feb: Come back to Delhi.
26th Feb: Fly back to Bangalore.

Now this TREK depends on whether James, Sri and Mils get their leaves. If they don't I don't know what to do for the four extra days that I will get!

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