Weekend Report

Friday: It was a strange day! Strange in a positive way! Many of my friends called from different places - Delhi, Kolkata, Bangladesh, Singapore. I was really happy and it helped me handle the long day I had in office.

Oh... Milind confirmed that he will go with us for the trek. We have finally decided that we will go for trekking in Nag Tibba. If he doesn't get leaves, LWP!

Saturday, 8 p.m: Last night(Friday) I was coughing a lot and had cough syrup after I came back home. I am still feeling its effect! Still very sleepy and drowsy... I think the right word is LAZY! Not done anything today yet and not planning to do much. Samarth and Anu are busy cleaning up their flat downstairs... Kailash and Anshu are also home... Amit Junior came with his mom. It was nice just sitting there and listening to both Aunties(Amit's and Arun's mom) talk about maids and their inefficiency, our apartment and apartment size in Bangalore, our work hazards and hence sleeping disorder, Arun and Amit's marriage... don't think they can avoid it for long!

Sunday: Arun and I had been planning to go out somewhere this weekend with Aunty. Finally we decided that we will leave early morning for Shivanisamudram, a waterfall around 110 kms from out home. But fate had something else for us in mind. Last night Anshu's friends - Deepti and Shruti had come over for a "night picnic". Deepti's mom had sent some very tasty food and we also had food delivered from Nandhini. It was quite a picnic. Then some chatting over drinks and songs... and we ended up sleeping only at three. Arun and I still decided to wake up at eight and go for the outing. I woke up at around noon and Arun probably woke at 1130(although he says he was up since 0930!), so the Shivanisamudram plan was cancelled! After consulting "Outlook Traveller's 52 weekend gateaways around Bangalore", we decided we should go for Nandi hills, which is closer home. We left at around two and after dropping Deepti home, went straight to Nandi hills! The road is mostly nice and there are clear road signs. Nandi hill is nice... with some very good view of the surrounding plains. Nothing spectacular but nice... the weather was very pleasant. I did not find too many photographic subjects there to shoot :-( After a short visit to Nehru Nilay, we started the long journey home. Kailash and Anshu had bought some very bright curtains for home... now our apartment has character!

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