Getting ready for the trek

The same gang to Gushaini(Sri, James, Milind and me) is planning a trek in Uttaranchal in Feb. The plan is to attend Samarth's reception on Monday, 20th Feb and then go for the trek on Tuesday for two / three days. The places that we have shortlisted are a few day treks from Mussorie like the Nag Tibba or the Benog Tibba. I am not sure what the temperature will be in February. If weather(and time) permits we might also go to the Valley of flowers near the Hemkund Sahib lake. James and Sri are getting the information from Aro, who was there last year. I will get in touch with Prashant, who went with Aro on that trek. This will be strenous: I am not sure how fit we are.

Talking about fitness, I have started my preparations for the trek in my own way. Since Saturday, I have started avoiding the elevator and have started taking the stairs to my fifth floor apartment more often. Yesterday, I did a lot of walking while shopping in Commercial Street. Today, I went to Indiranagar to pay some bills. It is about five kilometers(roughly) from my house. I came back walking and to top it took the stairs! Need to do this more often to build lower body strength and stamina.

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