Ladies and Gentleman: This man is a criminal specializing in stealing T-shirts. Typically, he invites the unsuspecting victim to his place in Delhi. Sometimes (most of the time, really), the victim himself goes to his place without invitation and spends the weekend having a lot of fun. They watch movies together, cook with sometimes (read mostly) disastrous results together, roam around the city, meet old friends and have all night parties, and get drunk.

However, when the victim leaves, he would invariably miss a few T-shirts. This criminal has a special affinity for memento T-shirts – like Singapore t-shirt, or Auroville, Pondicherry t-shirt. Upon query, he simply says, “Oh! That’s your T-shirt? You forgot it here! I am wearing it, it’s nice. Now you will not get it!”

He is also known to harass his victims (at least one victim: me) by registering the victim’s phone number in his ICICI Bank account. Each time Aro adds someone as a payee / beneficiary, I get a notification like “You have added Bholu as a payee…“, and genuinely wonder what’s going on!!! But now I am used to it.

He is also known to torment his neighbors and friends by laughing at over 100 decibels continuously for six / seven minutes. One is advised to remain away from him during those times, as it might cause irreversible damage to the ears.

On my last post, I urged him to return my T-shirts again, and mildly threatened him that I would write about this and make him infamous. His reply, and I quote him over here, was “dude...I like to be known....anyways...u left those t-shirts in my place...it is the price you pay for keeping things....”

Friends, delhiites and fellow countrymen: Should this man return all t-shirts that he has gathered? Please vote by SMSingAro Y” or “Aro N” to my cell phone number. You can also comment in this blog and vote.


~ | | OM | | ~ said...

I do not think many would know what you are talking about here !!!


i cannot stop laughing !!!

ARO !!!


wait.. let me call him and tell him that he should read this post...

Rohit Talwar said...

I want a Pondicherry tee too!
I want a Pondicherry tee too!!
I want a Pondicherry tee too!!!

@ Aro (if you're around to read this)
Man, how about keeping cameras and stuff? If you're game, we could get a Brainbit camera. Whatsay?

arobindo said...

Ladies and Gentelman...not that it is really needed, however I would like to defend myself on this subject.

People I am a honest person, and I like to entertain as well as getting entertained , however some of my visitors in their haste or carelessness forget to collect all their belongings while leaving.

Now you judge lokking at the floor prices is it too steep a charge if I start using them, kindly go through the following links to understand and relate to the cost now a days.




Sandhya said...

:) This is hilarious. Waise Aro, you don't have to defend yourself as we all know how honest you are :p

But hey, because of other's negligence you are being benefitted for sometime :p per waapis karney ki bhi rakhi hoti hai cheezein.

Kanu said...

I really did not understand you people back then...did I?

Awesome post...and do I vote???

Let me... Aro, Keep the T-shirts!!!!

IG said...

I was planning for quite a few days to go and stay with Aro over a weekend and recollect some good old days. I am going to do that one of these days anyways but will make sure to carry some tank tops, noodle straps and holter necks. Then lets see how Aro looks in them. Of course I will have to borrow them from some gril first. (Just to set the records straight, I am not a weekend cross dresser).

Subhadip said...

Those in Hughes would know :)

Saale, tu kis taraf hai?

Why doesn't it happen when I visit other people? And I am careless and forgetful? Even my enemies would not say that!

Thanks yaar. Samjhao Aro ko.

You didn't understand us back then :) and hello! You were supposed to vote in my favor!

I just imagined Aro in a tank top / noodle strap; it grossed me out!

Rohit Talwar said...

A Pondicherry tee and things could change. Think about it.

nAvS said...

i will echo Subhu's comments here..

One more bad habit about this guy...

Even though one can go to his place to spend sometime, however ends up acting as a bad host..never helps you with anything..you need to do self service as well as service for him.. :p

Though never been a good host, one can enjoy his company..and his whacky laughing sounds..

I wonder how his neighbours are able to cope with it..

Kanu said...

Was I?

Alright.......Aro...please return the t-shirts!

~ Deeps ~ said...

this one is hilarious........never knew abt this part abt auro even after hearing so many stories abt him and meeting him and even travelling with him.........now i know wat to do when i am travelling next with him :D

my vote goes to all poor guys who have lost their tees

Aarbee said...

Hilarious, man!!

You're completely justified! But so is he. Him because of the amazing laughter! Way to go Aro!!!

Aarbee said...

Oh by the way, I was in office when I read this post and my seat is quite public to even supress laughter the way I did. You owe me a chocolate for making me act weird at work!

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

I love my hughes gang !!!!

Life at work cannot get better !!!

And i mean EVER !!!

Subhadip said...

WTH are you talking about?

Oh yes! That too! His pet dialogue is "Are you a guest here?". Bugger!

Thanks :)


I can't be responsible for your whacky behavior in office. Here my t-shirts are getting stolen, and all you can think about is a chocolate!!!

Totally! Once in a lifetime thing that happened!

arobindo said...


1. Subbu.... I don't know man...people are loosing things here, not me....must be my looks I guess....you just have to give something..:)

2. Sandhya....logon ko aa ke lena chahiye and I mean(search and take it back)...I am not going to bangalore to return things ...anyways I always look good in others clothes.....so why should I bother...:)

3. IG....shutup....by the way which girl you know who wears all this...sounds interesting

4. Kanu...read above

5. Rohit...I only take things which I don't have......

6. Aarbee...tumhe hire ki pehchan hai...take a chocolate from subbu

7.Deeps....mughe tera gahr malum hai....sambhal ke

8. Navs...agli party main tere se ghar saaf karaunga

nousernames4me said...

I strongly oppose this movement to call Aro a t shirt stealer .....
(ARO ... where is my IBM Jacket )

Anonymous said...

This is awesome.. No sympathies for Aro... I know he can be upto anything unusual... n i would not be surprised if I see him in a tank top some day...

Subhadip.. take your revenge... Next time when you visit his place, steal the priceless CD's that he has... One gud example is Main Balwaan... he he he...

N yes... Advise for all the people who stay in the same building as Aro... keep a doctor's prescription always ready with you for any damage that may occur to your ears even at odd hours of day or night...

Subhadip... well done for this one... :)


Anonymous said...

Shubu, u've hit the nail on its head. But I've to be with Aro on this. Kya karey he is my roomie.

And Adi, I dare you mention "Main Balwaan". Its a collector's item and a classic by the living legend "Mithunda".

BTW, I enjoyed the post and am still laughing..

:) Sanjit..

Subhadip said...

Bhai, everything else is ok, but if you wait for Navs to come and clean the house, the party will never start in a clean house! He is eternally late!

@nousernames4me a.k.a Samarth
United we stand against the tyranny of Aro :)

:) The only tank (top) he can fit into is Syntex!

@Sanjit SanjiDas
I have a strong suspicion that you are an accomplice to Aro! Don't leave town (Pink Panther style)!

arobindo said...

Samarth : Et tu Samarth...even after returning the bible(calvin and hobbs), or has subbu given it back to you....
you never left your jacket in my place......I would have been using it otherwise.....

Subbu....hmmmmm...you are correct...I was talking after party time....

Adisha...you would be dead if you even try to steal those cd's....they are priceless...(i;e free..ha ha)

Ankur said...

mast all out war,,so now wenever i travel with aro, i know what not to keep in my bag,Thanks subu for the wonderful piece of info..

BTW Aro- i believe u r innocent.,,he he he

Subhadip said...

I rescued those Calvin and Hobbes from your house and returned them to Samarth on the very day. Sab ko aapne jaisa samajhta hai kya?

Aro ke bhole shakal pe mat jao!

Sudzi, Owl, Pinkam, Dada... said...

aRo, how many T's went missing from my cupboard? I need to do an audit @ yr place now.. I recall c'ing some snaps with T's I dont' see with me anymore.. Guess you'v got them Nice & CLEAN!! :-)

arobindo said...

Samarth ....u can't in a right frame of mind beleive subbu ...remember...he was here in ddelhi before and did not take the book back...and I had to actually force in his bag after taking those t-shirts out


Sudzi....there is a price involved....:)

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

Aro... you were into stealing Jackets too?

Sammy ki jacket hai tere paas?
Ekdin ke liye de na please !!!

Agliparty karlo bhai jaldi.. i guess the momentum should not stop !!!

Subhadip said...

Aro pleads guilty! In his last comment he says "... and I had to actually force in his bag after taking those t-shirts out"

Bhai log... ek party kar hi dalo is bahane.

Anonymous said...

@Aro and Sanjit

I knew ur kamzori... I know we can get u on this one...

@Subhadip... U know what to plan when u visit these two guys the next time..

Waise u could also steel the bed they both share... I know they would die if they are forced to sleep on different beds... coz u know.. they were always happy and GAY... ;)


Anonymous said...
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Rhapsody said...

Sirf Rs.200/-?

Hilarious post and comments :D