Shivaji - The Boss

I was warned! People said, it is a crazy movie. Blogs said, there is nothing in the movie! Chain email warned about the stampede-causing-hysteria. Friends said the laws of physics were defied! My knowledge of Tamil is limited, although it was recently boosted up by 30% (the three words that I learnt from the Bingo ad: Waango, Pongo, Ukaarongo)!

Still, I went to see "Shivaji - the boss"! Before going, I did some homework. Went through websites about the movie and its stars. Read spoilers to ensure I follow the story. Practised my two finger whistle. Drank a few mugs of beer. All that helped!

Enough has been said about the movie everywhere. I am not going to repeat them. These are my observations:
  • Myth busted: All South Indian actresses must have a slightly rounded figure. Shriya Saran was surprisingly normal!
  • Tamil language is very expressive! Though I did not follow the dialogues, the way they were said, I got the idea.
  • Rajnikant can't dance for nuts! He was very very natural otherwise though - I actually liked his acting.
  • People going to watch the movie hence should be warned about the length of the movie: it's a very long movie - guess that was required so that they could club four and a half plot in to one movie.
  • What dialogues! Want a piece of that? Here goes: "After six, there's seven. After Shivaji, there's heaven". Oh, here's another: "Pigs come in herds, Shivaji comes alone"!
  • Those Rajni stunts! Surprising what he did with a coin, and then his sunglasses. The "Tsook, tsook, tsook" sound is still playing in my head!
  • They must have spent some obscene amount of money for the sets! They were totally over-the-top!
Oh! What a movie! When I woke up this morning, for a moment, I thought, it was a dream!


IG said...

A few statements if you will...
Should have gone with someone like Sanjit. The movie would have taken a whole new dimension. A few mugs of beer ??? please explain. And although I know that there is very little entertainment around but have you completely lost it??? On a seperate note, I will have to see this rare phenomenon which happens once every

Kanu said...


ha ha ha

Butterfly said...

These dialogues are even more ridiculous than the dialogues in Mithun Chakraborty's recent movies. One example is: "Marbo ekhane, lash porbe shashane!"
The post was really funny though.

Rohit Talwar said...

Ok, now I know, it was the beer.

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

I have to watch this movie...

SOON !!!

Subhadip said...

Yeah Sanjit would have exhausted his wide vocab of choicest language.


Oh yeah!
For the benefit of others, that dialogue from Mithunda's film translates "Will hit you here, the dead body will crash straight in the crematorium"

Beer helped!

You should! You will enjoy. Take Aro and Sanjit along.

arobindo said...

We were planning to go last week...let's see...Sanjit is coming this sunday...may be we can...

arobindo said...

did a bit of research ...Mithun..

Hayeeeeeeeeeeeee Saalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

“Dikhne me bewada, daudne me ghoda, aur maarne me hathoda hoon main”

“Main tumhe Hatela se Katela bana doonga”

“Mai jis gali se guzarta hoo waha bachcha paida hone se pehle durrkar maa ke pet me susu kar deta hai!!” (Loha)

Mere naam hain Heera, chakoo se bullet ko cheera”.

For details....

~ Deeps ~ said...

i wanna see it too .........i saw chandramukhi when i was in chennai.....cant forget all the antics of rajni in that......

auro...loha is one of the classics in mithun da movie....he has dialogues like these in almost whole of movie......

Subhadip said...

What about "a few mugs of beer"? Beer came in pitchers, mugs came clean, we put beer in mug, and then emptied the mugs by guzzling the beer. Where is the confusion?

Enjoy maadi! Those Mithunda dialogues are too much for my poor english (and polished bangla)to translate!

One must experience this craze! Having stayed in Chennai (and being fond of the experience :P), you will surely enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Everything said and done....but fact remains that he is more popular than Shah Rukh, Amitabh and Hritik. And I want to watch the movie for Shankar. His movies be it Hindustani, Jeans, Aparichit, Humsey Hai Muqabala or Nayak are technically very sound. Even a die hard Kamala Hassan fan like me could not recognize him in that old man's getup in Hindustani. :) Sanjit

Bhaw said...

Very Khoooooool, Dada !!! :D

Subhadip said...

Right. Even this one is technically superb.