I have been following Wimbledon for over 20 years (yeah, I am an old man). Those days Wimbledon used to be one of only a few "live" events. The days when Ivan Lendl was trying to win the only grand slam event that would elude him. Steffi Graf taking over from Martina Navratilova as the "Queen" of Wimbledon. The rivalry between Borris Becker and Stefan Edberg. The Pete Sampras era! The Roger Federer era! One of the most memorable match just happened last night! At least since Goran Ivanisevic became the only unseeded player to win the championship after beating Patrick Rafter in a five setter!

What a match it was last night! Consider this: Roger Federer, the world number one and defending champion, on his way to winning his fifth straight Wimbledon. On his path is Rafael Nadal, the world number two, and challenger to the Federer domination of men's professional tennis. And the match lived up to the expectations. For 3 hour and 45 minute, the match swung in favor of the two warriors. Till 2-2 in the fifth and final set, the match could have gone either way. Then suddenly, a few glimpses of Federer magic, and the championship was Federer's.

My heart goes out to Nadal: the clay specialist, who has overcome all odds to be in the second consecutive Wimbledon final, and lost again! But surely, this is not the end of the rivalry between FedEx and Nadal!


Rohit Talwar said...

Federer made my day. The TV time was awesome. As you say, it was a very good game. My heart didn't really "go out" for Nadal.. I really wanted Roger to win but the way the game looked, I thought he didn't deserve it. Until he came back. That was a beauty!
I had the silliest smile (for several reasons) long after the telecast.

And finally you've accepted you are an old man.

Aarbee said...

Yeah, the match was a beauty! I almost felt like I was at the venue. I am sooo happy that Federer won! Wooohoooo!!! (He looked cute in that white suit too :P)

Kanu said...

I apologise....where I know everything about a tennis racquet now...the game still bores me...


Subhadip said...

That was purely because you bet 6 bottles of beer on FedEx!

It should bother you that you haven't seen Ivan Lendl play! Come to think of it, you haven't seen Kapil Dev lift the world cup!

It was :)

Let's do a pop quiz then... which brand of tennis racquet does Rafael Nadal use? Hint" It's a french company. And no googling!

Kanu said...

Baboolat...And I did not google I swear!!!!

Kanu said...

I apologise for the extra "o"!!!

Kanu said...

And just to clarify a point....when I meant everything about a racquet I meant the technology behind a Yonex Tennis Racquet...when it comes to sports I an a total dud!!!

nousernames4me said...

Sigh !! This got me nostalgic :) The good ol days ..Pat Cash , John McEnroe and his verbal assaults ,Ivan Lendel ,Bjorn Borg ,Edberg...wodden rackets instead of graphite oversized ones .The ladies Chris Evert,Martina navratilova ..

Lol I sound like my grand dad :)

Subhadip said...

But you got the answer right. Good to know competition, no? (Rafael Nadal adds a "no?" after each sentence)

Oh yeah! Getting old, dude!

Anonymous said...

you're only 28. i dont think thats old. ^^ byes!


Subhadip said...

You got my age wrong :)
But, I am still not that old, right?