Vote for ...

... anything! Guess that’s the trend these days. And these are not the regular votes to elect your MLAs / MPs. There are several ways to exercise your voting rights, these days!

There are several talent shows running on TV, where the results are determined by votes from the general public. Invariably, the shows and the results of these shows are controversial! Remember the incidence where a popular couple vying for the top spot in a dancing competition distributed a few SIM cards to friends to vote for them? Remember how a ‘fame-ous’ singing couple won a competition, though it was clear that the guy didn’t sing one song with all the right notes in the entire competition? Needless to say, these singers / dancers are no longer seen displaying their “talent”!

Next is the opinion poll. Every news channel, every newspaper is now running daily polls for viewers / readers to “voice their opinions”. Let me give you an example from yesterday’s Times of India. The question was “Improvement in civic infrastructure should be our policy maker’s first priority”! The results were even better: 95% said “Yes”; 4% said “No”; and my favorite 1% said “Can’t say”! Wonder what they can't say.

The latest trend is to go global! A for-profit organization has started a global voting for the Seven Wonders of the World. Voters from across the globe can vote for their favorite “wonder” of the world. There were initially 21 entries, but following a protest from Egypt, the pyramids of Giza were given honorary membership! So, now there are 20 finalists to choose from. From India, we have Taj Mahal contesting for this honor. Every public media is urging people of India to vote for Taj Mahal. Now, I am thinking what will happen if Taj doesn’t make it to the top seven. Will it cease to be the ultimate token of eternal love? Will it lose any of the thousands of visitors who come there every day? I don’t think anything will change for these wonderful architectural / engineering feats irrespective of whether they ultimately make it to the top seven. But what is sure to happen is the organization promoting this contest will be making a lot of money from all the voting. In the FAQ section of their website, they have clearly mentioned that they get a share of money from every SMS that voters send, besides the money they make from selling certificates and other souvenirs.

There are better ways of finding talent in our country – let qualified people do the judging. Remember, talents like Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghosal were all found through judges voting. There are better ways of voicing your opinion – write a letter to the editor, e-mail the news channel, write a blog post. There are better ways to honor wonders of our world. There is a huge UNESCO list of heritage sites of the world. Find one of those sites near you or one that you believe in, and do something (however small it may be) worthwhile for it. I mean, find your own way of contributing. But please think before you do anything.


Rohit Talwar said...

Ah, MF.
Oh, totally. You're right about how Sunidhi chaunhan etc were chosen. And the funniest bit is that majority of the Indian Idols winners don't end up anywhere. They promote them to their last minute, make videos, get them announce a showroom, but well, they always didn't sing that well.

Sunday Times - "Islamic world is overreacting to Sir Rushdie."
And 3 per cent decided they couldn't say anything. Ha!

When MTV ties up with Airtel to ask, "Who do you think is hotter - Hrithik or Abhishek?"
Public opinion on one of the most important issues, after all. AND people vote! I wonder if they really make it all up.

Rohit Talwar said...



Aarbee said...

I could not agree more!

By the time I reached your last para, my mind was going - yes, yesss....exactly! Thank you so much for writing this post. Really.

Rohit Talwar said...

And I forgot to mention how you finished this post. The last line was just the perfect thought.

arobindo said...

Selfish as I am ...I just wish those damn sms's to my phones will stop asking me to vote for something...or the other..

as per the "can't say population" I guess they are people like me who don't vote when given a chance....

Subhadip said...

YF :) They could be making up some numbers, but I know people who vote!


If you have nothing to say, don't SMS! Why waste money?

BTW, you should not waste money anyway, and buy your own T-shirts. One of these days, I will write a post about that and make you infamous.

arobindo said...

dude...I like to be known....anyways...u left those t-shirts in my is the price you pay for keeping things....

~ Deeps ~ said...

well said........every1 wants to make money and people are fool enough to help them :)

Subhadip said...


Sad, but that's true.