The sound of music

Yesterday, I saw “The sound of music” for the umpteenth time, but after a long time. It brought back memories of my childhood. Our extended families, with all our uncles and aunts and cousins, would meet a few times a year to celebrate something or the other. We used to have an awesome time with a lot of singing, dancing and food. Among other things, a ritual used to be to rent some VHS cassettes (of course no CD / DVD then) and watch them in a packed room. And without fail, we would get “The sound of music”. All of us knew all the songs by heart, and would sing along while the movie played: “The sound of music”, “Confidence”, “Do, re, mi”, “I am sixteen”, “The lonely goatherd”, “Edelweiss” and so on.

The simple flow of the plot; the brilliant performance by Dame Julie Andrews; the evergreen music; the subtle humor; the lovable von Trapp kids and personally, for me, the nostalgia: makes this one of my anytime-watch movies.


Rohit Talwar said...

I personally have no family time memories but some movies are close to everyone's heart.
There are so many wonderfully shot sequences in this movie. Definitely a class apart. :)

~ | | OM | | ~ said...


Anuradha said...

hey those were the days my friend :) but it isn't that bad either now !

i remember the vacation/puja times with tons of cousins,food, movies etc. great times .. i miss those days too!!

and just like some of the classics SOM can never be old or out of times!!

Subhadip said...

That's because we have a generation gap here :-P. Not blaming you, my young friend, it's the time (they are changing)! Agree about the movie - class apart.

Was that a grumpy "hmm", bro?

Those were the times! And we are getting old... no, sorry ... wise!

~ Deeps ~ said...

wondeful movie and really good songs........

Butterfly said...

Yeah, The Sound of Music is an amazing movie. And, that song "Do, re,mi" is even more amazing.

Subhadip said...

You bet!

Oh! My personal favorite. What a song!

Anonymous said...

lol haha love that movie too... my fave song is 'the sound of music'... love it.


Rhapsody said...

Same pinchhh!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movie :))
I have seen it umpteen times.
Love the songs. Remember singing them as a little choir girl at school :) and yes!I still find myself humming them once in a while :)

Julie Andrews was brilliant!

One musical play that I really want to direct is a translation or at least an adaptation of 'The Sound of Music'.

And now that you've reminded me of the film, I HAVE to watch it again :).