The pursuit to break the shackles of busyness

There are many friends, who I would like to keep in touch, and I believe, they want to keep in touch too. However, inspite of all the social networking sites and cell phones, we fail to do so. This Saturday, I left a status message saying I am connecting with friends and asked my friends to leave me messages. I received several replies, including some from friends with whom I was connecting after several years. The same afternoon, I was accompanying a friend to a bank, and while stepping out of the car, a voice called my school nickname from across the road. It was a friend from school, and we met after a couple of years. Makes me believe that if your intentions are right, life throws pleasant surprises at you.

My sister, and I have been working in the same part of the city for over a year now. Her office building is a mere 400 odd metres away from my office building. In fact, my office has a branch at her office building too. In this one year plus, I have met her a couple of times while passing by. Strange, but true, that we have never had lunch (or even coffee) together. Sad, but that's how busy we are! We only meet at home when she visits us (since her marriage). However, yesterday, on the occassion of Rakhi, we decided to meet up and have lunch together. She tied the Rakhi and we ate heartily, despite both of us being on a diet.

As part of the re-connecting phase, I am hoping there would be some old fellow bloggers who would leave a comment, or send me an email after reading this post.


~ ॐ ~ said...

Kya chahta hai tu?

Idhar bhi message karo.. udhar bhi message karo..

Aarbee said...

Maine to abhi sms kiya. :)

Jas B said...

The sad part is that even when people/friends do connect in real person, I have witnessed, that instead of having conversations, some people are always distracted and reading through their emails/messages on their Blackberries and iPhones! I think technology, if it has provided, has also taken away a lot.

Kanchan said...

One does tend to have phases of 'being in touch' and phases of 'being out of touch'with friends ad family, but it takes very littleto change that, doesn't it?
Good to know that you are reconnecting with old friends :)

Subhadip said...

To har jagah message kar na!

That you did :)

True. We need to balance - easier said, than done though.

It takes really very little.

Rhapsody said...

thode gussa hain hum. grr...
Last time kab baat kari thi?
(commenting on blog/fb does not count)

Butterfly said...

I always seem to be late in reading your blog posts! Anyway, it does feel good to regain contact with old friends. So, I'm sending this really really late message...How are you? How's life? :-)