Loan for Finance Minister

Last week, India's Finance Minister was in the Parliament attending a meeting with leader's of our country, when his cell phone rang. He took the call, and supposedly said, "No, no, not now, I am in a meeting". It was a telemarketing call, offering Mr. Mukherjee a loan. Since then, people are having a good laugh about it. But, it has also made the Telecom Ministry to sit up and take steps to stop unsolicited telemarketing calls. Now, that's the good thing about top ministers facing the common man's problem. They face one problem, and the concerned ministry takes steps. Maybe it's time to revoke some of the priviledges they receive - like the police clearing the road for their motorcade to pass. Let them face traffic congestion for a few days, maybe they would think of something that would benefit the common man.

Coming back to the telemarketing calls, there is a easy way to reduce those calls. There is a National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry where you can register. To register to the National Do Not Call Registry, please dial 1909, or SMS "START DND" to 1909.More details are here:


Jas B said...

Really! That must have been quite an experience for the Minister. Lol.

I am glad that they have the "Do not call list" out there. Canada did not have one to begin with, but they do now. Thankfully. Many a telemarketer have made me buy/commit to things that I did not want or require! :D

Yeah, maybe that will be a good way for them to realize what all common man has to bear on a daily basis, and to eventually help improve things.

I was really astonished when this one time, maybe about 4 years ago, the then Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin came to visit the lab next door (they had received a whole lot of federal funding), and we did not even know of it...I mean no beefed up security, cordoned off areas, traffic diversions...nothing!

Butterfly said...

I should note this down. These telemarketting calls are a menace in Delhi!