All in a (Sun)day's work

Several cups of tea.
A short haircut.
A long-due tiring workout.
Moving stuff at home, that was long due too.
Clothes shopping with my brother-in-law.
Going to a movie with friends. Visit a friend, who couldn't join us for the movie, for post movie tea.
Taking a long walk by the lake.
Planning for next Sunday!


R said...

Bugger, write more often, will you?

And why is that not post movie beer? You aren't that old yet.
And which movie?

Aarbee said...


This was my first Sunday in Pune when I didn't have classes.

Swati said...


and I agree with 'R' you must write more often.

Have a good week!

AKS said...

Weekend pe itna kaam! :P

Giving your comment back to you

iman said...

clothes shopping with brother-in-law matlab Kenny or Pradip mesho?
glad to know you actually SHOP! haha. see you in nov/dec :)

Anuradha said...

wow quite a sunday :) enjoy maadi!

Subhadip said...

Look who's talking! I am "not that old yet" cause I take care of my eating and drinking :P
It was a Bangla movie by Rituporno Ghosh - "Shob choritro kalponik" which translates to "All characters are fictional"

No suspension of classes due to H1N1?

:) You guys are not trying to gang up against me, are you? You have a fun week too.

Cheating hai!

Err... Pradip mesho. Why would I shop with Kenny mesho? And he stays in Pune these days!
And hello! What do you mean by that... I DO shop!

:) How was your Sunday? Have a good week.

R said...

Rehene do. When I try to not include the age stuff, or just put it logically, you force me to call you old. Hmph.