A bachelor and a gentleman

If it happened just once, I would have ignored it. But, twice in a week is too much of a coincidence to ignore!

If I may say so myself, people generally consider me as a gentleman. But twice this week, this has been misunderstood. Twice during the course of discussion about "roving eyes" of other men, I had to face embarrassing questions about my sexuality and usual "Dostana" jokes! Why is it that people have to criticize the behavior of others as lewd, obscene or crass, yet cannot accept someone who is not behaving like that as a straight single gentleman?


R said...

That is unfortunately correct. What you need to do is ignore them.

Guess who's the first to comment here, ha!

Swati said...

baap re!!!Koi gusse main hai kya? :)

But like R said...just ignore them :)

Arobindo said...

hmmm ignore them??? nah...that would be too gentle types... kick their butts high in the air...that is the only language they understand.

~ ॐ ~ said...

I second Aro !!!!

ignoring is not the solution to anything... we Indians seem to be too good at it anyway!!!!

mujhe kaun bola tujhe kuch!!! uski to !!!!

~ ॐ ~ said...

waise i have a point of view on your question, par would like to discuss that offline or between a few people and not here!

AKS said...

kick some ass

Subhadip said...

Hmm ... ignoring is bliss?
Still playing "MF"?

Gussa... na! Ignore... hmm.

Ladki thi yaar!

Shant gadadhari Bheem, shant! Look forward to the discussion... will let you know how I tackle this lady after Sunday.

Let me try a different approach.. if it doesn't work, I promise "Kick some ass" it will be!

R said...

A girl? Pardon me for wondering what her intentions are.

And yeah, ignoring works. Just does. How does it matter what they think, what sort of questions they raise anyway? Some people don't have an interesting life of their own, and seek things to derive pleasure. Ignore them and their plans get screwed too. Get what I am saying? I have always done that. At least tried to. People give up too soon if you don't react :)
What do you say?

Swati said...

I agree with R. Mostly, ignoring does work. But me must know when to put our foot down and give it back to them. :))

Swati said...

* me
But 'we' must know...

Kanchan said...

I empathize...I had the same experience a few years ago when I was still single and some lady in my office was beginning to wonder aloud if I were lesbian. Some people, infact many people, take an over-active interest in other people's lives (read sex life)I strongly suggest you ignore such comments because if it is known that you are sensitive or defensive, you can be sure that the onslaught will continue with double the intensity. At the end of the day if you are at peace with yourself does it really matter what other people say or do? Infact the last laugh should be yours - this girl is showing how petty she is in thought and attitude and the more she behaves the way she does the more she makes a fool of herself!

Butterfly said...

I have a question...Why are you now the 'Blogger previously known as B.O'hemian'?

Anjuli said...

ye kya tha? kisne kya bola?

Subhadip said...

@ All
It's really a long time since you posted a comment - sorry for not responding earlier.

Ignored and that solved it.

Ignored already.

Because if you see, my display name is changed from "B. O'Hemian" to "Subhadip". The style "Blogger previously known as... " is taken from a pop artist who changed his name from "Prince" to "Artist previously known as Prince".

Thi koi... doesn't matter anymore.