Ten days, nine nights

This is one of those posts, where I come back to my blog and see that the last post was written quite a few days ago, and see that I had so much to write but still didn't write, and didn't realise it was that long since I last wrote anything. If that confused you, never mind, I am not known for my lyrical prose anyway! Let me just go on...

Almost exactly two years after I took a break from the corporate world, I joined a company this week. Although I was enjoying work with my friends over the last couple of years, at some point in time, I guess this was bound to happen. As you can imagine, the first few days in this new place were really crazy (a positive crazy, like busy-crazy). Wish me luck people for this new journey.

Leaving you with an image from Chandipur, a place in Orissa which I visited just before joining. As all tours with childhood friends and like-minded friends go, this one was a blast. Even the post trip party last night was a total blast. Some people realized how drunk they were after the videos were shown! Some realized how liberal they become with their singing when they think no ones listening. Those who didn't make it to this trip realized how much fun they missed out on.


Rhapsody said...

All the best :)))))

...and the picture is lovely :))

R said...

Wish you luck for airtel's ugly fake sister. What the hell were they thinking with the branding, the identity, and the advertising? Uh..

Drunk videos! I miss college, really. Do you have any of those? What were you caught doing? :P

Aarbee said...

All the very best! :-)

LOVE the picture!

And trips with friends are funnn!!! :D

Butterfly said...

Best of Luck for your new innings!:-)

This is the first time that I am hearing about a post trip party. People usually feel a bit upset after such trips but you all actually extended the fun with this party.That was really a good idea!

B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks and thanks :)

Must have been someone like you who did it :P
I don't have them with me... I was only singing (with a glass in hand) :)

Thanks :)
It sure is fun.

Thank you.
The after trip party is to share all the stories with other friends who did not make it, and also to share the pictures and videos. And of course, some more reason to eat and have fun!

Anuradha said...

Hey welcome back to the mad mad world :) which one is it this time ?

~ ॐ ~ said...

tumhaare sparsh se us company ka uddhar ho jayega balak !!!! :)

achcha bhai, teri wo passport size photo to laga zara yahan par !!!

B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks :) Will chat / mail you the details.

Tu chup rahega please?

~ ॐ ~ said...

ji bhai !!!

main chup !

AKS said...

sounds interesting and lots of fun. I am getting a lot of motivation after reading yours and Prashant's blog...

i have heard that one "Dance like no one is watching"... Singing when nobody is listening is interesting too :)

R said...

And which song?

Kanu said...

All the best and must say....cool snap

Subhadip said...


:) It's fun too... specially if the setting is right.

Doesn't matter. Don't remember :P

Thanks and thanks :)