"Silence doesn't mean I have nothing to say. It might mean I have too much to say" - B. O' Hemian, circa 2009.

The last two weeks just flew by, and took me back in time to several degrees:

25 years ago
First, my friend Aniruddha a.k.a Shantu got married. Now, he is my, what some people call, Chuddy buddy. Just that we have been friends even before that. We grew up together in the same neighborhood part of a gang of four, played together, fought each other and more importantly together against others over trivial matters. On his wedding day, some of us started discussing the weird and comical things that he has done in his life, and we just couldn't stop laughing. Seriously, we could write a book on that. Good times!

10 years ago
Next, my friend from Bangladesh, Zaved bhai and bhabi came over for a medical checkup. This was the first time I met him in 8 years. The three days that they stayed with us were spent talking about the time when I was in Bangladesh almost a decade ago. As usual, three days seemed to be too less for all the talking we had to do, and all the food that I had to introduce them to. Hopefully he will come back soon, and we will talk about the good times again.

5 years ago
Then Shaji a.k.a Motey came to Kolkata on office business for a day, and we met up for a late night winding down session. We met after exactly a year, and as expected we started talking about our life in Delhi and what our friends Ganja, Ghansu, Sudzi, Sallu and others are doing. The couple of hours that we could manage to chat was enough to take me back to Delhi, 5-6 years ago, and the good times there.


Piggy Little said...

nice. i love the pithy quote :)


Rhapsody said...

achcha hai :)

Anuradha said...

you sure are getting old :) But nothing like meeting good old pals and reminiscing the good old days as well !!

Aarbee said...

Agree with Anuradha (on the second bit :P). Few things match these feelings.

Hope you have many more good times to reminisce of in future.

Reeta Skeeter said...


B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks :) You can use the quote, it's copyleft.


That 25 could have easily been 30, I just wrote 25 not to give away my "old" age, and this is the comment I get! Damn!

I also agree with Anu on the second bit :P


Butterfly said...

Nice post...:-)
The quote reminds me of an SMS I got, which says, 'Silence doesn't mean I am gone' and so on...

Rohit Talwar said...

So how about showing up again? Delhi..

B. O'Hemian said...

That's a nice SMS :)

How about YOU showing up again?