Quick Updates

The aid / relief collection for Sunderban (post Aila) is going well. Most of the clothes and other items collected in Kolkata were sent to Kachukhali this week. Next week, before relief goes, I plan to consolidate all the money that I have received, and buy essential items, so that I can take them with me. I must say I have received help from the most unexpected quarters - I can't thank all of you enough. More than anything, it reinforces my belief - there's still a little bit of goodness left in some of us.

Now some more news:

Saddened by MJ's death. After all, his was the first english cassette I bought with my own pocket money savings.

And a couple of personal observations:

Wearing a red t-shirt to a store where all the employees wear red t-shirts is a bad idea.

Terminator Salvation is a super bad idea - I could direct a movie better. No, seriously.

Oh, and finally got my phone display fixed. But not before my friends took unfair advantage of the situation (of no caller ID display) and did a prank on me :( - but that's another story.


Rhapsody said...

Very good, Subhadip :)
Good to hear about the progess on the relief collection. Keep it up!

God bless you and never let the 'goodness in you' die. All the best!

(I think, I'll be able to send across some aid by the end of next week. Will talk to you about this.)

Yeah! MJ's death has saddened all of us :(. But I believe, he is actually immortal. MJ and his msuic will 'live' in our hearts forever.

hehehe! I know what you mean. But do share the 'store' incident :D

Seriously, is the movie so bad? Chalo, paise bachh gaye! :)

Mubarak ho phone theekh ho gaya :)

Rohit Talwar said...

Write about the prank, please.

And were you at the railway station in your red tshirt?:P

Rohit Talwar said...

And oh god, you bought MJ's cassette? I didn't you would. Tell me someone forced you into it. Tell me the truth!

B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks :)

The store incident: Well, nothing much... a tall stick like lady came up to me and asked if the phone she was carrying can be exchanged (some fancy imported phone); then a couple of "dudes" came up and asked if Nokia some model has mp3 player capability. On both occasions I had to stop them and say "I am not with the store" and smiled.

And the movie is worse than bad. Don't go if they are sponsoring you.

Prank... later. But it was funny :)
By dear boy, before you were born, MJ was synonymous with English Pop music. Bigger than everything that we have now put together. Seriously, no one forced me to... I bought it because I wanted to.

Butterfly said...

Ha ha! The people at the store must have thought that you were one of the employees too! :-D

And, for me, you still are the only person around who has some goodness left in him to think about the Aila victims. :-)

B. O'Hemian said...

They did... have you seen "The Mobile Store" employees?
I just happened to see it myself. I assure you there are many people and organisations working for their aid.

Anjuli said...

great! seeing u guys doing good work, I too get inspired :)

Anuradha said...

Good to see you helping out with the relief work.

B. O'Hemian said...

:) Do something with the inspiration :)

Thanks. I know you do your bit too... but you never write about them!