As you might know, Kolkata is near the middle of crescent shaped coast line of Orissa, West Bengal, and Bangladesh. And each year, one or two cyclones (or Hurricanes) threaten to come towards Kolkata, and just before it hits the coast near Kolkata, it diverts to either Bangladesh or Orissa. But this time, today, it didn't move like Warne's leg spin, nor like Murali's off spin... instead it came on straight towards coastal West Bengal, just like Kumble's regular. And like his balls, this came fast.

Only this morning, did I see the warning in the newspaper that a cyclone named Aila is coming towards coastal West Bengal. And I could see the drizzle outside. When I left home, it was still drizzling with a mild wind from East to West. By the time I reached office, it was raining heavily with strong and erratic winds, mainly from North to South. It soon turned violent with very strong winds which was lifting Asbestos shades from the roof, and bursting electrical transformers. The trees were swaying like crazy and the visibility was poor too. Even mobile networks started acting funny (fortunately not my provider). Some temporary vending stalls were flying in the skies, and old trees were being uprooted. At around 2 pm, we heard a warning that the "main" storm is going to pass over Kolkata at around 4 pm, and people were asked to stay indoors. So we left office, and headed for our homes.

It took me almost two hours to reach home (normally it takes about 40 mins) because of all the trees that fell on the roads, and traffic diversions. Fortunately the rains had stopped by then (only slight drizzle and moderate winds). Reports now say the the cyclone has weakened and there will not be a bigger storm as predicted earlier. Rains and moderate winds should still be here for the next couple of days. I hope things come back to normalcy soon.

P.S: My phone's display is gone. I don't have any way of calling you since I don't memorize phone numbers, and if you call, I won't know it's you. Please bear with me till this is fixed.


Reeta Skeeter said...

Well since the worse is over, Skeety can write what exactly she felt here...don't take it otherwise...reading the 2nd para...i was reminded of a Harry Potter book where the skies darkened, unusual owl activity was notices in the skies.. etc etc...don't know why it appeared to me like that but it did :P

I am said...

U bet... I mean Skeety, I felt the same though I had few overlapping scenes from the movie, Twister showing up :)

On a serious note I quite shocked to see the big trees uprooted everywhere..

Thankfully everybody I knew were safe.. But I wonder who coined the name 'Aila' when I first heard it sounded like a Bollywood chick flick movie name.. :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

AAila !!!

bhai screen or no screen, i am happy to see that you are alive with your fingers working just fine...

take care bro !

B. O'Hemian said...

Umm... unusual owl activity... well, come to think of it, there was unusual owl activity :P

Et tu! Twister... umm... yeah, that's more like it. Only if Helen Hunt was here with me, I would have tried to chase the storm as well :P

The name "Aila" was given by Maldives met dept. See this@Prashant
Alive and kicking :)
Fingers... err... working fine too :)

Rhapsody said...

Aila!(Andaz apna apna style)
aila aaya re...

Good to know that you are safe :)
Take care

Arobindo said...

and only a few posts ago you were talking about kal baishakhi... :)

B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks :)

"Watch what you wish for" - now I know what that means.

Butterfly said...

I missed all the Aila action as I left for Puri last Saturday and came back this morning! Now, its all nice and sunny again!:-)

B. O'Hemian said...

Yeah... bright, sunny or cloudy, rainy - it's changing every day!

Anjuli said...

display or no display, I can not call u anyway... :(

B. O'Hemian said...

We just spoke :)