The people of my country has chosen, and they have chosen Congress and it's allies to lead this country for the next five years. However, this time I was not so bothered about national politics so much. For me, the real battle was going on in my state - West Bengal. The battle to rule West Bengal in the state Legislative assembly, the election of which is due in the next two years, is on.

Here the main opposition Trinamool Congress have started playing the games the ruling party - The Left Front has been playing for years. It's not that these games are welcome in a civilised state, but Trinamool are doing a better job of playing those games than others and hence winning. The Left Front lost a significant number of seats in the national elections this time, and Trinamool Congress hugely improved their tally of one seat last time to 19 seats this time.

Of course, there are various theories doing the rounds explaining the reasons for this result. Some are trying to blame it on the Congress wind on a national level, and it seems that Mr. Prakash Karat is being made the scapegoat for this debacle of CPIM, the biggest of the Left Front parties. The decision to quit the UPA over the nuclear deal issue, and the expulsion of Mr. Somnath Chatterjee from the party didn't go down too well with some members of the party itself.

Some of the winners are trying to attribute this unexpected result directly to the "struggle" that Trinamool has done in places like Nandigram and Singur. They feel that the people of West Bengal are fed up with the way the Left Front govt. rules here.

Whatever the reasons, the general feeling seems to be that this is the indication that things are not going to be so easy for the Left front in the next state elections. Like some "intellectuals" here are saying, people need "Change". Honestly, I need change too. I just need to make myself believe that the change is going to be a good change. As of now, I don't know what the Trinamool Congress' policy is going to be if they are elected to rule West Bengal in the next state elections.

Hope we get some clarity on that in the next two years. And also hope that the show of power is restricted to intellectual prowess and not physical might.


I am said...

With Mamata Banerjee as the president of TC, I don't have much hope.

But I do hope that she grows some brains in company of her newly elected fellow politicians and gives up her adamant, irrational, unproductive, brainless ego fights and criticism!!!

Else people of Waste Brinjal as you once mentioned, are already fed up, given up and may be in the verge of witness the biggest downfall of the state in their life time!

HOPE IS THE ONLY WORD FOR US, I GUESS. Good luck to Me, to you, and all other bongs who are worried with this change.

deeps said...

dont trust TC much......i believe WB needs a change from both the left and TC kind of politics.......

B. O'Hemian said...

Yeah... hope is the only word for us, I guess.

Yeah, but as of now, we are looking for any kind of change.

Arobindo said...

I do not think TC will win, it would be CPM who will win however the share of pie will reduce significantly,

If TC wins the elections I think it will be 5 years of complete chaos before a new order restors the balance,what it will do basically is to kill the CPM stronghold, that I think is the biggest worry the state has.

Butterfly said...

The show of power will never be restricted to intellectual prowess only, even if TC comes to power in the Assembly polls. Now-a-days, Mamata Banerjee seems to have become a lot less aggressive, but two years is going to be a long time for her to maintain that attitude.By the time the Assembly polls are held in 2011, she'll already have returned to her anti-CPI(M) attitude from her present 'Ma-Mati-Manusher Joy' attitude. Then again, if the CPI(M) comes to power, they will only use their intellectual prowess fro the first one year or so and graually shift to their old ways of exerting their physical might. We have such great two parties in WB! For whom to vote anyway?

B. O'Hemian said...

Well... that's a possibility. I think a lot will depend on how TC and it's leader act in the next two years.

That's a good question, and one that I think many people of West Bengal are asking. But aren't you too young to vote?