Where my "Dil" is: Dilli

On Tuesday, I took the Rajdhani Express to Delhi. This was after a long time that I was traveling somewhere, that too alone. The journey itself was pretty uneventful, although the pretty girl who borrowed my spare book managed to change the physical shape of the book! I badly wanted to return the favor by spoiling her make-up, but then, I was in a good mood otherwise. After all, I was back in Delhi, although for a short time.

The change that immediately caught my eye was the Delhi Metro. It's efficient, fast, far reaching, and clean so far - truly world class public transport system. The other positive change is the green low-floor public buses. Looks like Delhi is getting into the international mould. Like every other time, this time too I noticed a considerable increase in the number of flyovers here.

One thing that has not changed much in Delhi is my group of friends. They are still the same goofy, fun loving, mis-adventurous bunch. Great, great feeling to be back among you guys.

In case you doubt my choice of adjectives for my friends, I give you one example:

On Wednesday, I reached Aro's place (the guy who stole my T-shirts) in Dwarka. Arun (Salwan, our friend, and my flatmate in Bangalore) had taken Aro's car to office. Despite Aro's warning that the fuel gauge is not working, Arun thought he had enough petrol in the car. His car stalled at 11 p.m. He could only manage to call us to let us know that the car was stalled when his cell phone battery called quits before we could get the location. Fortunately, he had another phone with him (which didn't have our numbers) from which he called a friend in Bangalore, who in turn called me on my Kolkata number, and gave me the details of his location. We rescue him and get back home, and guess what he does? Leaves the car keys inside and locks the door! And there was no duplicate key at home, since, just the day before Arun had managed to break the duplicate car key as well. Any doubts anymore?

But make no mistake about it: no one was angry with this whole episode. Only laughters, and jokes, and my promise that I would put this on my blog.


Aarbee said...

I am imagining how you would have executed the return of the favour. :D

Achha you didn't see the Metro last time? I like the changes too. Still to spot the air-conditioned low floor buses. Should be good.

Main tha, tu thi, aur thi Dilli bass!! (The line started ringing in my head the moment I read the title)

Keep having fun. :-)

Anuradha said...
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Anuradha said...

Hey have a blast with your friends.. and and maybe you will bump into the girl from the train someplace :)

Kanu said...

I was still waiting for the call...don't tell me you are back already!

B. O'Hemian said...

Last time I took a short trip in Metro. This time, it's end to end (Dwarka Sec 9 to Pragati Maidan) :)

Thanks. Wish I never see her again.

No, I am not. Will call you soon.

Rohit Talwar said...

Really?! That woman did that to your book? I once fought with the closest friend to have returned a book in a bad condition. Forget an unknown girl. Who was with her mother!

Meet you soon, again, for some beer, young-at-heart man.

~ ॐ ~ said...


what about the coke fizz :D


and the 500 rupee note?

and Arun's decision to meet the dietitian :D

and more and more :D

I love my HUGHES Gang... IT cannot get better than this...

B. O'Hemian said...

Yeah man! Beer on me, next time we meet.

I don't have the writing skills to write everything that happened! Will need to commission a professional writer to write a book on our bumbling friends!

~ ॐ ~ said...

jhoot safed jhoot...