I am losing it... para pa pa pa!

Points in case:

1. While troubleshooting my friend's Windows access problem, I tried replicating the same problem at my end, and created a new administrator account. Then conveniently forgot to delete that account. As a result, a few days later, when I restarted (which I normally don't; I hibernate), I lost my default administrator account! Meant, setting and customising the entire system almost all over again.

2. In the process of the last part of Pt#1, forgot to switch on the internet speed tweaking software. Without realising that, for about a week, have been cursing Tata Indicom for their slow speed, blaming others for frequent disconnects from chat, thinking of writing to Facebook since their page was not loading fast enough etc, etc. Sincere apologies to all of them.

3. While watching France's game against Romania in the Euro 2008, couldn't remember the name of the french goal keeper who won the world cup in 1998. Could remember his face, how he kissed the forehead of team captain Laurant Blanc before the start of every game, how his jersey looked, everything but his name. Finally, after 45 minutes, during the half time break, got up and googled - Fabien Barthez!

And I used to be a regular in the local school / college quiz circuit! Chyaaah! What happened to that brain? Really, brainbit = bit of brain that is left!

BTW, if there was anything more painful than realizing the degeneration of my brain, it was watching France play without Zidane (and Viera) like a headless chicken.


Aarbee said...

Hee hee hee...
Firstly, I love the title! I can't imagine you singing it, but I can totally imagine it being sung. :D

As for the rest of it, I think you are taking the blame pretty well, so I don't really need to write out apologies. Or do I? :P

But koi baat nahi, bit of brain will also keep you in an elite class. Logon ke pass to wo bhi nahi hota.

~ ॐ ~ said...

abe !!!!

Dilli aa... tere brain ki surgery karenge... i know a good mechanic :P

and phir dhulai bhi kara denge saath saath !!! I know a good washer too..


B. O'Hemian said...

Arre, why can't I sing it?
And what apology?

Err.. what are we talking about here? For some strange reason, the image I get by reading your comment is that car wash scene from Wild Things :P

deeps said...

car wash thing from wild things....with OM sahi hai.....

seriously u need some excercise, how can u forget barthez of all the weird characters in football.....

french are bad this time.....holland looking in top form.....lets see what happens....

B. O'Hemian said...

Classic case for psychoanalysis, this. I read and dream of that beautiful scene, and you totally grossify it! You should get married soon :)

Holland and Spain too! But they have this amazing ability to fumble. And then the other so-far-not-so-impressive teams like Germany and Italy have this amazing ability to reach the semis somehow.

Kanu said...

ha ha ha....well...i bet you can afford to loose a little....

Aarbee said...

Because I tried reeeaaaal hard to make you sing and then finally gave up. (Yes, memory never stops working) Now don't tell me you CAN sing.

Waise I just meant I can't imagine you singing something as demented as this title.

And let's just forget the apology. :)

B. O'Hemian said...

err... loose a little!?! You don't mean I am (up)tight or something, do you?

Henceforth thou shall be known as ... "Memory Memsaab"!
And no, I can't sing.

Butterfly said...

Which team are you supporting in the Euro Cup?
I am supporting France and was shocked by their performance in their last match.

B. O'Hemian said...

I used to be a France supporter till last World Cup. But without Zidane, it's painful to watch them play. If you saw the dutch toy with them last night, you would know what I mean.

This Euro, Netherlands and Spain have played well so far. I am not really supporting one single team, picking a team to support before each match.