The Toilet Brush

As promised! Don't expect anything gross (although in a way it is)!

In several of my previous posts, I have mentioned how passionate I am about my national flag. I am a fan of Naveen Jindal just because he took it up and made it possible for all Indians to flaunt the tri-color proudly, of course with respect!

Now, the other day, my mom went to the market and bought many things from the market for the new house, which included a couple of toilet brushes! The bristles of one of them happen to be in tri-color! No mistaking it! It is saffron, white, and green - in perfect order. That, to me, is disgusting!

I want to see something happen about this and similar issues, however, don't know how! Any idea?


~ ॐ ~ said...


not too happy with this amazing design !!!

tu mat use kar.. aur us retailer ko bol jakar ek baar !!!

deeps said...

thats sad :(

no point in telling the shopkeepers cuz he is not manufacturing it ofcourse but he can always pass on to the manufacturer that people are not buying this color cuz of this reason

Butterfly said...

Well, don't use it! Instead, take its photograph and send the photo along with a letter to the editorial section of every leading newspaper.

B. O'Hemian said...

Of course I am not using it! Not too sure approaching the shopkeeper will help.

Yeah I agree... I am sure the shopkeeper didn't even bother to notice it! But I will definitely pass on the feedback to him.

Of course not using it! Letter to the editor... that's not a bad idea.

Rohit Talwar said...


Letters to the editors of EVERY city based publication, and those outside you can reach to, is the idea I'd give you too. I hope you'll follow it up.

Adisha Agarwal said...

I am sad to read that... I have often seen Indian flags being disrespected which I have always found to be disgusting.. I think it's time we Indians must understand the value of our Indian Flag. The other day I saw a picture of an Chinese looking girl wearing a pathetic dress in Indian tricolor and holding a beer glass in her hand. I would be happy to know if you did follow up on the advise by "butterfly".