The king is dead...

Long live the King!

Rahul Gandhi is often called the "Prince" - a reference to him being the heir "prince" of the Gandhi "empire". Rahul Gandhi recently objected to that, saying it is demeaning. One can understand why. After all, we all want our own identity! However, to understand why he is called the Prince, one needs to look at the Indian psyche.

Decades after India's independence and subsequent abolition of Rajas, Nizams and Zamindars, we still have a fascination for all things Royal. And not just the poor village man, not just the uneducated laborer, it's still existent among educated, rich, corporates.

Point in case, the IPL team names:

Chennai Super Kings
Bangalore Royal Challengers
Mumbai Indians
Deccan Chargers
Rajasthan Royals
Kolkata Knight Riders
Delhi Daredevils
Kings XI Punjab

Quod Erat Demonstrandum!


deeps said...

good observation.........

Butterfly said...

Yeah, the teams' names are very similar to each other! Why couldn't their names just have been 'Kolkata' or 'Delhi' or 'Rajasthan'? If they play well,they will automatically be called royal.

B. O'Hemian said...


Just to jazz it up, I guess. Or a blind copy of the NBA, NFL, or MLB. But you are right, the performance should determine who is royal and who is not!