The bear

wakes from his slumber, hungry for some food. My fingers have been itching to type for a few days now. With so much happening around, it was a pity that I was not updating this site.

Personally, I have moved on. Quite literally, since we moved to a new apartment. Also figuratively, since a lot of priority changes (and change of plans) happened. Maybe I will write about some of it someday.

I feel some of the most interesting topics to write on arrived in the last few months. I could have written five posts on IPL alone with a couple more about IPL team owners (read Shah Rukh Khan) and their antics! Of course, a post about Maharashtra and a bunch of jokers playing "politics, politics" there would have been scathing. Then there was (and still is) inflation! And, reality shows - oooh, I am drooling! Surely, one topic would have been "The Gill War" - I can almost see myself writing "The fight is on between the two Gills (M.S. Gill and K. P. S. Gill), when clearly the need of the day is fresh oxygen". And one topic I HAVE to write about is a toilet brush!! No friends, I haven't lost it, I promise to write about it sometime later! Not today!

Today, I would like to add my five cents (inflation, dear!) to a topic some people seem to be very passionate about - A dog! Not just any dog - it's the pug from the Vodafone ad. For the uninitiated, Vodafone released a series of ads in India, continuing from the "wherever you go, our network follows" theme from Hutch. All the ads feature a pug following it's owner. In the controversial ad, the pug is seen running after it's owner's school bus. Animal activists and rights groups are livid about the conditions under which the pug was made to run after a bus! Thanks to them, I now know that the pug is prone to breathing problems due to some abnormality. If you need the details, check out today's newspaper - it's complete with all the technical terms and expert comments from a psychiatrist too (or was it some other article?). Yes, I am concerned that the pug was made to run! But there are more things that concern me from the series of ads. I am also concerned that the pug was made to lick several stamps - was the stamp glue tested for dog hygiene? I am concerned that the pug had to carry socks in it's mouth! But the thing that concerns me most is the girl in the ads. She gets ready all alone, leaves the house unattended (but for the dog, of course), plays alone and also sends letters without any adult supervision! The pug might die soon due to breathlessness, but I am sure this girl would grow up and kill others! What happened to the child rights / girl child groups?

Am I being too sarcastic and mean here? I am so sorry! I should appreciate the fact that this story, along with another involving Mallika Sherawat, made me laugh heartily early in the morning! In case you missed it, someone filed a petition against Mallika Sherawat for sitting cross legged while wearing a short skirt in front of the chief minister of Tamil Nadu! The report did not clarify if the objection was against the short skirt or sitting cross legged!

Coming soon: The toilet brush!


Aarbee said...

Yeah, quite a publicity stunt. Or whatever. And all pugs have breathing problems. They should be suing people who are artificially creating these 'cute' animals. But maybe even Vodafone should have taken its permissions before doing this. Aisa hota to rehta hai.
As far as the cruelty is concerned, I think it is the same as using infants and little kids in ads. Of course, assuming that the dog's owner made sure that he was treated properly.

Didn't know about Mallika Sherawat. Now this sounds interesting.

I hope you've planned something against the toilet brush company though.

And it is good to see you back. :)

Aarbee said...

By 'he' in "...he was treated properly..." I mean the dog. :P

~ ॐ ~ said...

i don't care what you have written here... did not bother to read the complete post...

next time onwards I would :)

aaja mere bhai... its good to see you here...


Rohit Talwar said...

See, that's how they get everyone talking about a campaign that still is an extension of the same old thing. *bows*

Great to have you back.

~ Deeps ~ said...

welcome back.......... :)

B. O'Hemian said...


Apparently, the owner was present during the shoot and all necessary permissions were taken!

About toilet brush, read my next post :)

And thanks! I am delighted to be back!


Thanku, thanku... good to be back!


Spoken like an Ad-pro :)


Thanks :) Why aren't you posting anything for such a long time?

Butterfly said...

First of all, feels really good to have you back here!:-)
But, I like all those Vodafone ads so much! I love that pug! Had not thought this much of course...I am much older than that girl . But, even then, I can't do everything myself before going to school. If I would have to do everything on my own like that girl, I would have been late for school every single day!
And, I read that article about Mallika Sherawat. Some people really have no work!

B. O'Hemian said...

Everyone likes the Vodafone ads! That's the point! Why think so much about a fun ad? I was only being sarcastic about the girl. These bulk public litigation people really don't have any work!