Reduce 2 inches in 4 days!

Having you ever seen advertisement from gyms / slimming centers like that? Well, having gained at least 2 inches in the last 4 days, I need their contact details!

Over the last few days, we were celebrating Durga Puja here. And each of those days, I gorged on food in a manner that would suggest Winter is coming and I need to go on hybernation soon! One night, after unsuccessfully visiting several restaurants willing to waive off the usual waiting period of over one hour, we even ate our dinner at 2 a.m. Breakfasts were the only healthy meal of those days.

I hereby swear, that I would eat healthy food, and nothing but healthy food, for the next few days.


Anuradha said...

Ah nothing like splurging on good food during pujo and then taking a break later :)

Jas B said...

If you get their contact details, would you please let me know too! :D
I have been pigging out since the start of October!

Subhadip said...

The problem is, the break has not come yet!

Run, Jas, Run!
He, who cannot do, teaches - old chinese saying

Sayantani said...

My one succint question: What is hybernation?

Subhadip said...

Now you can say when you open your window, you can see SP's (Sarah Palin) house; and when you open your other window, you can see SP's (yours truly) blog!