Quizzing, revisited

These days, my mom and I enjoy a fun Bangla Quiz show hosted by Saurav Ganguly called "Dadagiri". I had been an avid quizzer in my school and college, even winning a few local quizes. I would also watch Quiz shows like "Bournevita Quiz Contest" regularly. But slowly, over a period of time, my quizzing reflexes have gone down. I realized this a few years ago, when I represented my office in a quiz, and most of the questions were buzzerred (and answered) by other teams before I could remember / work out the answer. It was a horrible feeling!

Thanks to this relatively easy quiz hosted by a very smart Saurav Ganguly, I can sit back and answer quiz questions again. Between my mom and me, we are able to answer most of the questions. She sometimes amazes me by her knowledge about things that I would not expect her to know - like the other day, from a visual clue, she correctly identified a dance form as "B-boying", where I could only guess it was "Hip-hop". She said, "There are benefits of watching dance reality shows, after all". That's the beauty of Quizzing - you never know where you get the knowledge from.


Kanchan said...

Very true! Incidentally I've recently started attending a quiz every Monday night that happens at an Australian pub close to home. Am loving getting back to quizzing too!

Anuradha said...

Oh yeah those school days.

I remember waiting for the Bournvita Quiz on Radio Sunday Afternoons and also Narotum Puri's Sports Quiz and Science Quiz on Telly.

Subhadip said...

That must be fun!

Limited channels were good for these programs! Now, there are so many channels, we miss out on Quiz programs.