Times when I wanted to blog in the last few months

I wanted to write every time I have traveled - been to Andhra Pradesh in December; then went to Sunderbans (again, but this time purely for leisure) during Holi. Next week, we are off to a trek in Sikkim - hope to write a report as soon as we are back.

Wanted to vent out, whenever I have felt that India is too large and diverse a country to be managed as a unit. With all it's history of never being managed by a single ruler / dynasty for a long time, and the recent affairs of home grown insurgencies, I seriously feel India as a country is probably not feasible in the long run. More of it when I have the time.

Every time I felt low at work. That's not too many times, considering I only feel low at work when someone tries to back stab me, and when people are ungrateful. Like recently, when a person I personally groomed for a future position for over a month got the promotion, and then left the organization within four months - such a bad investment. Anyway, I also wanted to write when things were good - when each person I groom gets the promotion, when ideas we act on gets implemented and appreciated, when my team does something that gets the recognition - you know, the intangible rewards of doing things well.

More later... let me enjoy a rare off at home - today is the Bengali New Year and I wish everyone Subho Nabo Borsho!


Kanchan said...

Happy new year! And looking forward to the post on Sikkim. Enjoy the trek!

Anuradha said...

happy new year and have loads of fun in sikkim ..

Aarbee said...

I wonder about our internal conflict too.

Enjoy your day off with the brilliant chai that comes out of your kitchen! Happy new year!! :-)

Anjuli said...

Subho Nabo Borsho! :)

Rhapsody said...

arre! Shubzi, guess what? I have plans of backpacking around Sikkim in May end-June :)
chalo, aap ghoom ke aao aur phir meri trip plan karne main help karo :)

Subho Nabo Borsho to all at home :)

Rhapsody said...

and have FUN :)))

Arobindo said...

Gure eso...tarpor bose likho

Butterfly said...

Hope to read your views on India very soon...Hope you have a wonderful trek.:-)

Subhadip said...

Thanks :)

Along with the chai, we are also offering sandwiches and mini pizzas. Of course, every meal, no matter how small, has a dessert to end it :)
Nice marketing, no?

Arre, Sikkim is one of my favorites. Anytime you need that info, ask me.

"Esho" / "Likho"... kobe theke eto bhodro holi re?

Aarbee said...

Hehe.. absolutely! :)