Never say never

First things first... Happy Diwali, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine's day, Happy Fool's day, and happy everything that I missed to wish all of you. Any more yapping about happy, and I would be called "Happy Singh"!

Second things second... I missed writing this blog immensely. Although a new work place (where internet is restricted, and work pressure restricts the time) and a newly married life (with everyone I know or should know invites me to eat with them) is not conducive to maintaining a blog, I realised that I can still write a few things every week / month.

Another important reason why I thought I can't stop writing here is because it gave me immense pleasure and pride to help people affected by Aila last May through this blog. I thought it would be criminal to quit the blog within a few months of such a wonderful contribution by this blog.

So, bottom line, I am writing again. Watch out for more Bohemian Rhapsody. Happy Poila Boisakh / Bengali New Year.


Aarbee said...

Good to see Bohemian Rhapsody flash on my Reader!
Happy Sunday! :-)

Rhapsody said...

Welcome..taraa ra ra ra..welcome..taraa ra ra ra :D

Welcome back :)
I am so happy to see a new post on this blog.

Abhi dobara gaayab nahi hone ka hai. Okay? :D

Kanchan said...

Welcome back and please don't disappear again :)

AKS said...

:) :) :) :)

old kid on the block...dis-appeared for sometime AND IS NOW BACK AGAIN... :)

welcome subbu sir

Sayantani said...

Welcome back!

Anjuli said...

welcome back, its good to see you blogging again!

and congratulations and wish you the very best for your marrried life!

Treat? :)

Subhadip said...


Thanks :)
Dobara gayab nahi hone ka... ghar mein ek kala HIT rakhne ka...

Thanks. I don't intend to disappear.

Old is the keyword ;)

Thanks :)

Thank you, thank you... you need to come down to Kolkata, and the treat is yours :)

Butterfly said...

Welcome back and congratulations on getting married!

Subho Nababarsho.:-) Did you get my sms?