I like days like these

When two ex-colleagues (friends really - somehow, ex-colleagues and friends do not score same on excitement level) call me after a long time.
Aro called to say that just the day before, he locked himself out of his 8th floor flat. So he had to find a ladder to place somewhere on the 7th floor in order to climb to the window of his flat; and after climbing up, he realized it was the wrong window!

James, my partner in crime for several years in many things, including training, travels, and overeating, called and we exchanged updates mostly about our common friends.
And then two school friends also call me the same day. Samrat is in town and we plan to meet this weekend; and then Nilu got my number from Samrat, and we spoke after at least 15 years. Now that we are in touch again, thanks largely to Orkut, she is one of the oldest friend I have, having studied together from Nursery to Class Five!

The icing on the cake would have been my favorite football teams winning important matches. Unfortunately, ManU managed just a draw against Porto, and Mohun Bagan lost to Kuwait SC. Can't have everything in one day, I guess!


Aarbee said...

Sounds perfect.

Arobindo said...

correction .. I did not lock myself out...The lock refused to work ...and ... before trying the stunt ...I had called a locksmith....who tried and could not get the door opened ... who also by the way was supposed to get up and open the door...however chickened oot at the last moment...so it was me who had to get up...so what if I got something wrong here ...the times were not perfect...and I was successful in the end

~ ॐ ~ said...

I can expect that from Aro... not in a bad way but a good way... that noble soul gives so many people a reason to laugh and smile.. God bless Aro !!! hugs bro !!!

oh and he did not tell this to me, after he told about his eye sight thing.. I guess my response made him think about the ladder thing..


and I will always remember James for his "chapati" method :) Still remember him teaching us that in the Hughes Training !!! you guys were tough on us :)

Anonymous said...

Thats funny and sympathetic .. i mean Aro part.. sometimes ur luck screws u up even wen u try hard.. Who might know that better than a blunder gurl(which is me)!!

so many calls on the same day.. u must have been flying high.. I hardly find myself touching earth when my friends from MUmbai visits Kolkata.. and i get a chance to see them after long years..[:P]

Butterfly said...

Enjoy with your school friend!:-)

You're a Mohun Bagan supporter then? Strangely, I somehow thought that you were an East Bengal supporter...

B. O'Hemian said...


Yeah... so? :P

He told me that "It's paining, so I have kept my arm over my eyes"; so, I asked what's paining... your eyes or your arm?

James was in your batch too, right? We were not that tough on you... you should have seen us with those college kids batches.

Unfortunately Aro's friends (like Prashant and me) are never sympathetic to him for his blunders... we are thankful to him though for his goof ups - it keeps us all in the light spirit. But the good thing about Blunder guys and girls is they are absolutely true to their hearts. So, keep blundering.

No way... I was born in a Mohun Bagan family, my father refused to play for EB even after he got offers; how can I support East Bengal?

~ ॐ ~ said...

yea he was... par trainer thaa na wo...

par the batch 1 and batch 2 combo was something that I would kill for! the best that one can dream of in a professional space... this big a bunch of people who are best friends and work for each other than for selfish reasons... dream come true !

and the college kid batches :) well !

Arobindo said...

ok guys.. thanks for the support ... though i did not screw up this time.. Shubho...you come to delhi now.. tu to gaya bhai...

Anonymous said...

gawd it seems .. u gonna have a tuff time when u visit delhi next so al the best for that...

Well as I fall in the same list of blunder guys and gurls.. i take the compliment and thank you for that.....[:D]

bTw.. buddies are good for nothing[:X] now this sounds bit harsh..sorry.. ammn lemme put it this way.. none of my frnds are ever sympathetic to me either, when i come up with a new blunder.. they enjoy pulling my legs with that... but never mind i love that ... cos these r the memorable moments v will b laufing ,rolling over the floor later..

BTw thanx.. u reply gave me an idea.. ie i shall create a new community in orkut for all blunder gurls and guys[:D] thank you...



B. O'Hemian said...

You bet!

Who's supporting you anyway? Screwup is your middle name.. how can you live without it?
Oye, dhamki kisko de raha hai Tshirt-chor?

You are welcome. Of course blunders are one of the only memories that we cherish later, and laugh. Best of luck with the new community :)

deeps said...

well....that must be some sight (aro's casE) :)

man-utd seems to be leaking goals like anything nowdays :(