SlumK9 Millionaire

I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. I don't know what's the big fuss about the movie and it's criticism.

I don't get the objection about depicting poverty. It is not the only India, true. But it IS India. They are all real life scenarios, except maybe the "potty" scene. Just that, all of it may not happen to one person. But it's a work of fiction. No one claimed this to be a biography of anyone!

Talking of real world, how realistic is a scantily clad lady with a bare chested, 6/8 packed man singing and dancing in open spaces? Or better still, with rows of similar dressed ladies dancing in the background? Or villains doing Olympic level spins in the air before falling after being hit by a hero's punch? Or cars rotating in the air, and rolling before exploding in flames? If I can handle those, I can handle depiction of poverty.

The big question is will it get the Oscar? Should it? When I think of Oscars, some of the movies that come to my mind, are the ones I can see anytime, anywhere, n number of times. I don't think this movie belongs to that category. Still a decent watch.

P.S: Another reason why I liked this movie... I knew the answers to all the questions asked, except for the 100 dollar bill question. Then I would have used "phone-a-friend" and called one of my US based friends.


Anuradha said...

Worth a watch once for sure but yeah quite surprised by it getting sooo much of a hype at every award happening around . Wouldn't be surprised if it picked up a couple of Oscars but then there have been soooo many better films that never won an Oscar !! Danny Boyle sure got lucky this time.

RESHMI said...

though an intruder here...still i wanna comment on this yaa...absolutely true!!...and u know wat...there has been substantial amount of fiction which does nt even match the format of the real show "who wants to b a millionaire"
Never ever this kind of show is broadcast as a live programme!!
besides how can a slum dweller speak in such fluent English and after few years work in a call centre!!
I dont think this movie is so extraordinary! and i dont find the justification of the hype surrounding it!! really!

Aarbee said...

:) @ the post script.

The movie, I agree, was just average.

~ ॐ ~ said...

Jo mujhe likhna thaa, par words nahin mil rahe they, toone likh diya... thank you hai !!!

I liked the movie... par I did not really see as a depiction of what happens in India...

I was surprised that people objected to it as an incorrect representation of India, and was more surprised at people who countered it saying that if this is not India, then what is? very idiotic and close sighted I must say!

There is a lot more to any country than what a movie can show, and specially a country like India.. bekaar ka halla... recession hai na, khali baithe hain sab ke sab.. kuch to chahiye shor machane ko !!!

Kanchan said...

I agree with Anu & Reshmi. It's getting a lot of hype and I'm amazed that the media, including Indian media, is calling it an 'Indian' movie. It's not - it's made by a British film-maker and is shot in India with Indians acting in it. I wonder if it would have got this kind of attention if an Indian had directed it.

B. O'Hemian said...

True... there are so many great movies which didn't get the recognition they deserve.

There are no intruders here... you are most welcome here. The loopholes you point are very true. Imagine a bathroom break after a question is asked, and the contestant has not answered it. Glaring!


Haan yaar... bekaar ka halla hi hai.

I doubt it too.

Reeta Skeeter said...
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Reeta Skeeter said...

I agree with everything written here...
1.Surely depicts a part of India...the slums and their dwellers...
2.A well-made, crisp movie hence makes for a decent watch...
3.Not worth all the 'poverty' related is one has hurt the is just a depicition of the poor and nothing is exaggerated...
4.Oscar shayad mil jayega...but there are like many other Indian movies which truly deserve an Oscar or should I say better appreciation in the international circuit...but then those other movies are what people watch over and over...Oscars are only a recognition given to movies globally...isliye mile na mile don't think it makes much of a difference but winning sure does shout of India's name loud once again :)

I am said...

he he funny ..liked your realistic comparison to rest of bollywood masala..

but a the same time I THINK its a total possibility for real. All of this can happen to one person :)

depiction of poverty and all. is a fact. Hai to hai. Deal with it. Oscar mile to India will be in focus, I am happy with that..

did not get the US phone a friend part though...

neway...keep writing.. :)

B. O'Hemian said...

Well said... Oscar mile na mile... ki pharak paenda hai?

All that can happen to one person! Really?

About phone-a-US-based-friend: If I got stuck with that question, I would call them up, they will know whose picture is on the 100 dollar bill, won't they?

Damn! I could have been a millionaire too!

I am said...

ooh... that way... but to be honest...

I did not know myself...
I thought it was Lincoln !!!!!
Never seen a $100 bill :) I guess. :)) ha ha

But this movie my GK certainly made an improvement :)

Anonymous said...

Though i lyked the movie.. and was really touched @ some points... but then i was lil disappointed 2 some points... but again i would add that the direction was good... i personaly feel not worth a movie 2 get an oscar.. but it was a good movie..

Sanjit said...

Though I haven't watched it yet...i m sure I am not going to like it. The hype is because of Danny Boyle and also partly because the west still think or would like to belive that India is all about poverty and cattles on the road. From what I've heard or seen...looks like a pure Hindi masala movie to me with good direction, cinematography and music. One thing is for sure, just replace Danny with an Indian director and the west would never bother about it forget the Academy nominations and the Golden Globes.

Butterfly said...

After watching the movie, I think the biggest reason for liking it was Dev Patel. Not just for his acting(which could have been better), but for his looks and specially that charming smile.:-)
I have a crush on him now.

B. O'Hemian said...

:) Rich people don't carry cash. Tell me whose picture is on your Visa / Mastercard?

Yeah, same feelings about the movie here.

You haven't seen a movie and I have seen it? Is that possible!?!

Err... ok... I guess teenagers do find him cute, even my niece was telling me the same. Tell me something... is Imran (Aamir Khan's nephew) cute too?

Rohit Talwar said...

My biggest issue with the movie was the wannabe-horribly-done editing. What the fuck were they thinking with the colouring? It was awful. I also thought that the depiction of poverty, although correct - I mean we have all seen Salaam Bombays of the world too - but Boyle didn't do a good job of its entirety. The godawful dialogues were a turn off.

Other than that, I always wonder what's with Anil Kapoor's accent. Any answers to where he got it from?