New Year Resolution: To have fun

A very peaceful new year to all. Hope you had fun ushering it in.

It's been a nice extended weekend for me. First, I had to spend a day visiting distant relatives to invite them for my cousin's wedding later this month and quite liked it.

Second, the school gang met up after a long time for a nice dinner. This, despite the fact that much of the conversation revolved around my marital status and chalking out an action plan to "rectify" it. Good luck guys :)

Then I spent a day accompanying friends on a whirlwind tour of Kolkata including spots I haven't been to / haven't been to in a long time. How I wish that all my friends came with places like a cemetery, and a boat ride on Hooghly river on their must-do list, instead of malls and "Someplace else". I guess, all of us can't have common interests. But one common interest which almost all my friends have, is good food sampling, and I sure can't complain about that. Kolkata, in my humble opinion, is still the best place to have food in India. The only regret is one needs a few days to try out the different delicacies Kolkata has to offer, and almost always, my friends leave before I am satisfied they had even 10%. Anyway, doesn't matter, if they had a good time here...

Final report
Week: 1, Year: 9, Millennium: 3 - Fun; resolution fulfilled.


~ ॐ ~ said...

i love walking around in kolkata !!! and used to go to Robindro Shodon from Salt lake, just to eat !!!!

what fun it was !!!

Arobindo said...

Bangali..patla pet and jeno likhechilo.... otherwise termed as khaddo rosik

I am said...

Bong's are "Petukk" :)

As per my the sampling I find the variety and authenticity in the variety of food in Kolkata, the best :)

Graveyard - same pinch :) I love it..been to the Park street one?

B. O'Hemian said...

Ek to khane ke liye travel... upar se "Robindro Shodon" and not "Rabindra Sadan"... you must have been a Bong in your last life!

Look who's talking!

You "Petukk" too?
This time I went to the Park Street Cemetery :-)

Butterfly said...

I too am very fond of the food in Kolkata, but I don't prefer Bengali food in the restaurants much. That's mcuh better cooked in my family.:-)

~ ॐ ~ said...

Bhat do you mean in my last life? With some of my best friends Bongs, I should be some bit of Bong in this life too !!!

Also what else can explain my love for the city !!! I have walked the maximum in Kol than anywhere else, and Aro knows :P He was on the phone giving me directions !

B. O'Hemian said...

Most Bengalis still prefer eating Bengali food at home. Probably that's why we have so many old Chinese, South Indian, Continental, North Indian, etc restaurants. However, now the trend is changing - just look at the number of restaurants specializing in Bengali cuisine. Our very own Vedic Village lunch was not bad either, was it?

True, you must be a bong... ladki dekhon kya? And that's the best way to see Kolkata.

~ ॐ ~ said...

Kyon bhai? tune "Rishtey hi Rishtey" ke naam se koi dukan khol li hai kya wahan par?

Freelancer waise hi hai tu.. kuch bhi kar sakta hai ab !!!

Waise koi achchi si kanya mile to mere ghar walon ko zaroor bata dena please :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Petukk me too ees :D

Sampling some of the very very basic and minimalistic bengali dishes these days and loving it...oh yeah last week had puchkas..yummeeeeeee the


B. O'Hemian said...

Rishtey hi rishtey ka pehla client Aro hoga. Tera number uske baad aayega :P

Awesome... where are you having these Bengali dishes / Puchhkas?

~ Deeps ~ said...

happy new yr :)

B. O'Hemian said...

Welcome back Sir... how were the Mummies ;)

I am said...

no am not Pettuk, :)
and I have only been to the Park street cemetery