Where are you from?

Let me write the disclaimer first: I am not a Raj Thackeray or MNS or Shiv Sena fan, neither do I have any connection with them. Personally, I don't see the reason for the hue and cry over Mrs. Jaya Bachchan's recent comment in the music launch of a Hindi film, "Hum UP ke log hain, humein Hindi mein baat karni chahiye" (We are from UP, we should talk in Hindi). It was a Hindi movie after all! If these guy had their way, they would make it mandatory for all hindi movies to be dubbed in Marathi before release in Maharashtra. Won't even try to find a reason for their actions, as I don't think they apply logic.

But Jayaji, tell me something: You are from a fairly well known family in Jabalpur / Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), and your first few acting ventures, all in Bengali movies, are well documented in Kolkata. So is your move to Bombay, and subsequent achievement of stardom and marriage to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Now, how the hell did you become "UP ke log"? Your family has Mr. Bachchan Sr. who is from UP but spent few years in Kolkata, and then settled in Mumbai; you, yourself a Bengali now settled in Mumbai; your daughter-in-law is from Karnataka and has represented India internationally in a beauty paegent: you could have projected your family as a perfect example of national integration. But instead, you choose to make off-hand, ill-thought comments. You are a Rajya Sabha member - you should say "We are the people of India, let's speak the success language of India".


Butterfly said...

The Shiv Sena,as you said, never applies logic because it doesn't need to. It just has the last word. But, even very logical comments are not expected from Jaya Bachchan either!

Woodsmoke said...

Good point.
And about this entire matter--it never fails to amaze me how we manage to kill so much time over every non-issue.

Rohit Talwar said...

I read that once Bachchan had a press conference done, some said he should not have been involved, and Jaya should have called for one.

Seriously, our people have so much time. I'm embarrassed by the kind of stories that go on popular news websites abroad.

And I want a mutton roll.

B. O'Hemian said...

Yeah, sadly true.

I know - aren't we amazing?

Yeah, heard that too. And about news-sites picking up all these stories: If we put on a clown act in a glass house, we should expect the crowd to watch and be amused.

Mutton Roll - This time I'll get you one from Nizam's, traditionally one of the best in town.

Rohit Talwar said...

But when will that "this time" happen :(

I am said...

ha ha ... u found no one but the National Hypocrite Family to ask such questions!!

B. O'Hemian said...

It can happen when you travel plus to Kolkata. Err... the sentence construction is all wrong, isn't it?

@I am
Yeah, my bad :(