"The return of the native"

So, I had to come back to Kolkata! Couldn't meet a couple of friends in Delhi, which I regret. But really, was too busy there in a blurry way. Next time, friends, I promise to meet you guys first!

The train schedule was revised the day before, so I checked trainenquiry.com and got the new schedule. I planned to catch the Metro from Dwarka Sector 9 to New Delhi station (approximately 55 minutes). Aro and I went to Pizza Hut for a quick lunch before he was supposed to drop me off to the Metro station. But he got stuck in some bank work, and I forgot a very important item - charger, at home, so he drove me 10 minutes to the Nawada station, bypassing all the Dwarka stations (8 stations) saving almost 15 minutes.

Note: After assuring me that the T-shirts he stole were all out of shape and discolored and what not, Aro gifted me with a T-shirt of his own. And he did return my suit that was with him. However, just when we were about to leave the house, he HAD TO change in to one of my T-shirt, which I should add, didn't look discolored, nor out of shape (the wearer did look grossly out of shape). Damn that scheming mind!

In the train, I played a version of the Snake-Ladder game, only this time for berths! I chose Upper berth while booking, since they are the best place to have - you can climb up and lie down any time you want, and sleep till you wish. However, when I boarded the train, the lady in the lower berth wanted to shift to my berth and give her berth to me! I reluctantly agreed. However, another lady, destined for the other upper berth, later wanted to swap berths with me! Again I oblige! So, I guess, after all this match-the-following-seats combination, everyone was happy, which is most important!

The train had to take a detour and hence was delayed by over an hour and half, because a bunch of losers thought all the problems this country has will be solved if they could block the train line.

Anyway, I reach Kolkata, have lunch at home, and catch up with Ma. In the evening, catch up with my childhood friend (it's high time we had langotia yaar in English) who has come for his vacation. Ended up having dinner together over laughters and hilarious recollections of the many misadventures we have been part of or privy to. As is the common joke in our neighborhood, a book should be written about them, with chapters dedicated to each protagonist!


~ ॐ ~ said...

so you got birth oops berth twice as soon as you were in the train... we should celebrate your berthday in july too now :D

Aro always wanted to drop you to Nawada... thats what he told me :)

He now has two of my tshirts too !!! and i doubt if I am ever getting them back !!! an elephant can fit into them once Aro wears a T.

And I think writing a book is a very good idea... START !!!!

Butterfly said...

When you are travelling alone, the upper berth is indeed the best and the middle berth is the worst!You can sleep very well on the upper berth. The AC is amazingly cold there...You were very lucky!

The book will be a good one to read, I think, if it is written by someone.:-)

Rohit Talwar said...

You didn't meet some friends in Delhi this time around?! Erm.. in which case was I lucky to have had beer with you twice? My dadu, after all. :) A younger one at that.

B. O'Hemian said...

Happy Berthday... nehi!!!!
He didn't even know this Nawada station was there after Dwarka Mor!

Middle berth IS the worst. I always choose "Upper berth" as preference while booking in IRCTC site, and always get them.


Aro said...

Revenge is still mine HA HA HA HA HA

Rohit Talwar said...

How I wish.

Why the ^&*% is your phone unreachable?

B. O'Hemian said...

Die, Arobindo Sinha, die!

^&*% your Blackberry; must have blacked out. I have been talking to everybody!