Steep climbs!

Remember Kailash? My ex flat mate, who left Bangalore to pursue his dreams! When he left, I wrote a letter to him - you may read it here.

Well, he is in San Diego now, training to be a commercial pilot. Do visit his blog for an account of how his flying is going. Please leave your words of encouragement for him there.

Why is it called steep climb, don't ask me. For what I think about his stunts, I give you a chat excerpt:

kailash: i was flying at sunset this evening
me: Great
kailash: already doing manuvres
me: You are training to be a commercial pilot, right?
kailash: thats correct
me: What manouvre?
You take off smoothly, up to cruise speed, land smoothly!
No manouvre required.
kailash: s turns, turns round a point....steep turns,
me: Ok...
kailash: slow flight ...all very imp for check rides
me: ... and the free coupons that you are giving me...
kailash: i alsodi stalls today at 6000 feet
me: can I exchange for another flight?
kailash: xchange with whom
me: Any other damn flight!
kailash: sorry no xchange no refunds


Woodsmoke said...


All the best to your friend. May he fly high. And so may you in your attempt to wrangle free coupons from him.

rohit talwar said...

Free coupons rock! Some of my friends manage always.. :-/
Whenever (if at all) you get some, you'll give me one na? Please? *tries to patao Dada so he agrees*
Man, just yesterday I had asked you about this guy..! Wish him tons of luck and happy time in the sky!

Rohit Talwar said...

@ SayanDi
Yeah? *throws a look*
With your laptop around (oh and the sucky American wireless) you can obviously do more of these. Hmph!

Woodsmoke said...

@ RT
(And I am singing it to the tune of your fav Jazzy B number.)

Flying Ace said...

thanks for the shout out feels nice to recieve encouragement from friends. By the way STEEP CLIMBS is my journey in life at this point of time. Just like our trek to thadiyandamul ....difficult, with obstacles on the way ...but at the end when u reach the peak its all eventually worth it.

Subhadip said...

@Woodie and Rohit
Stella would be proud of you guys!

@Flying Ace
Got the idea behind steep climbs. I am sure you will make it to the peak this time too. Don't get the small distractions come in your way (you know what I am talking about - think Arun).

Rohit Talwar said...

@ SD
You know what I am singing? I guess Jazzy B lovers wouldn't understand :-/ *gulp*

@ Dada
Have you ever made any 4 yr old proud? Err, or is it too tough to even recall? :-/

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

khoob bhalo...
bhishon bhalo...

Butterfly said...

I visited Kailash Bhagudia's blog. It's very good.:)
A commercial pilot!Wow!Really exciting!

Subhadip said...


Thanks. I read your nice blog as well.

~ Deeps ~ said...

goood luck to ur friend.........and i hope u get some free coupons :D

Subhadip said...

I know what you mean ;-)
I wish I could introduce you guys to him on a trip. He is a jolly good character to have on a trip party.

Aaarti said...

hahaha.. that was fun...

Wishing ur friend all the best..
keep writing.. came over here thru someone's blog.. not sure whose it was.. but ur blog sounds like fun~~

B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks. I think you came here through Rohit Talwar's blog.