Letter to Kailash

Hi Kailash,

Congratulations, first of all, for being able to pursue your dreams. Not everyone can do that. I am sure you will work hard and shine there as well.

Take care of your health. I will miss you in the gym (I do go there) and those walks. We have also started playing soccer during weekends. My legs are still sore from yesterday's practise. To top it, Arun stamped on my right foot (he was in the other team).

We will definitely miss you during our eating outs. Brother, don’t forget Casa Piccola (haven't been there since you left). Whenever, you come to Bangalore, go there, for old time’s sake. We have discovered a couple of good, but vegeterian, restaurants.

Remember the hiking to Thadiyendamol. Yeah, dude… that is the right spelling… now say it properly… not the way you normally do… “Thadda dadda Amul”. But we had a gala time there, right? Specially the times when we were lost in the jungle! And remember the race to the top? We did beat the group with fresh legs and … well, you know what I am talking about… think about why Arun stopped.

You were like a big brother to me. Before you get senti… not so much for your actions… but because of the fact that you ARE one year elder. Samarth joined you in the one-year-elder-to-me club few days back.

And listen… when you sing, please sing at low volume. Unless, you are trying to make the neighbors - Kingfisher girls listen. Now, sometimes, Arun sings. I guess, he is trying to take your place. But, rest assured, he is no match for you.

My regards to your family. Wish the best of luck and everything to Anshu and you. And if I don’t get the wedding invitation, I will gatecrash.

Enjoy life and take care


Woodsmoke said...

Great letter. Any average reader, in spite of not knowing the exact dimensions of your friendship with with your friend is bound to enjoy reading this. And yes, underneath all the dark humour, your affection for him clearly comes across.
Wishing Kailash all the best in the pursuit of his dreams.

Woodsmoke said...

Oh... and Rohit

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

oye... kya hua kailash ko?

Subhadip said...

Woodie: Congrats and thanks. What dark humor? It's all true!

Prashant: Kailash is back in Mumbai. He is training to be a pilot.

kailash said...

hey bro, this was a welcome surprise. You now have 1st preference over everybody when i get free tickets (hope anshu doesnt read this). An tell arun there's no point competing with my singing capabilities ( his vocal chords havent reached that maturity "riyaz ki zaroorat hai"). every sunday i get this craving for a chicken pot pie or casserole or chck parmageana.....CASA rocks man.
being a roomie with u taught me a lot of things .....mainly how to keep yourself occupied when one doesnt have a TV.
But jokes apart am always going to remember the time we spent together and will treasure all our adventures ( allways admired your navigational skills). The only regret i have is that you resumed drinking only after i left ....should make up for that some time.
Thanks for your wishes ..... and you dont need an invitation...
Wish you all the best for all your future endeavours and may all your dreams come true.
Ciao .....untill our paths cross again.

Rohit Talwar said...

Best Wishes for your friend. I hope stuff works out in the most appropriate manner and brings smiles.

SayanDi...Dekh lunga. X-(

Chitrangada said...

This a beautiful letter ..showing very very simple but beautiful relationship called frenship :)

u wont believe but i wanted to write this kind of thing for my fren also ...whos leaving me :(

good one :)

Subhadip said...

Hey Rohit and Deepti: thanks.

Rohit Talwar said...

No, he won't update. X-(