Left to Right: Samarth, Abhishek (Goli), Sriram (Sri / Ram Sir), Milind (Modak), me and James (Jamsie). All process trainers at some point in time with Hughes BPO. Seen here doing what they do best other than training - eating out!

Sriram and Abhishek were one of the first employees of Hughes BPO. They joined in September 2002. Samarth and I (along with 21 magicians including Amar Prusty, who became a trainer as well) joined on 7th October 2002 - part of the official pilot batch. We joined the training department in January 2003. Milind and James joined the company in January 2003. Milind joined the training department later though along with Arun Jhamb (Jhambo). The most balanced team you would ever meet anywhere - complimenting each other and getting the task done working with our strengths. Our den: the trainer's room: famous for it's strategic position in one corner of basement and view of garden outside. Inaccessible to everyone other than us and our friends - some infringments occured when the frogs would enter during the rains. TLs were known to come there for a quick nap or a quick mood fixer. Friends from Quality would come there for gossip. Others would come to confirm some rumor. V&A trainers would come when they were bored.

For three years, we learnt together, made mistakes together, gained respect together, had fun together... however, in a few months starting September, 2005, all of us moved on:

Abhishek is now the Training Manager with IBM, Gurgaon.
Sri is now the Training Manager with Genpact, Delhi.
Samarth is with IBM, Bangalore (same as me).
Milind is with the training function of HCL BPO, Noida.
James is the Assistant Manager, Training with Hughes BPO - our last man standing there.

Personally I went through some hard time in my life, both personally and professionally during this period. Without the support of these guys, I don't know how I would have survived. This is my way of saying a big thank you.


Woodsmoke said...

Lovely post. Wish everyone in this team good luck.

Woodsmoke said...

And MF.

Rohit Talwar said...

Arre Wah! Mazza aaya padh ke.

Let me repeat what I said earlier: Amrika jaane se pehle jo karna hai karo! :P

Kanu said...

Like a trip down the memory lane. I remember the trainer's room...but have to was way too small..but that was Hughes.
It was lovely watching the snap...Sam and James look exactly as the way i remember them.

Lovely post

Anonymous said...

Good one Shubhu...revives old memories. Infact a small coincedence...after a long time today I m wearing the same tshirt as in pic:-)
Contest question: Tell me why Jhambo s not in pic? Winner's SWEET DISH bill is on me in our next team dinner:-)))))))

Subhadip said...

Woodie: Congrats. You first :-)

Rohit: Thanks... but kya hua tha? Bijli chali gayi thi?

Kanu: It seemed small as there were many in the room meant for seven.

Anonymous: Kar diya na classic... phir se? Aapna naam to likh dete! Sweet dish nehi mangta koi.

James said...

read it with moist eyes and a lump in my throat. Nice to see this picture again. Would have almost cried, but for the anonymous T-shirt post.

But, seriously.. really good old days. Sad part is it may never happen again. Such teams only form one in a million light years..

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

i know all of these faces... and i remember going to that room too... right from the days of my training to the days of me being the lead...

subbu... thanks for this post... i loved it !!!

Blue Athena said...

Well! All's welll that ends well. :)

Subhadip said...

James: You are right... it may not happen again. Can't help it...

Peta: Tha na mast team?

Blue Athena: Thanks for commenting... your first comment in my blog, I believe.

Rohit Talwar said...