Off to a day off

Some people had some problems with the state line between Maharashtra and Karnataka. They called a 12 hr bandh. What that meant to me? For me it was an unexpected off day in the middle of the week. What did I do?

Woke up at 4 in the morning to entertain some friends from office for an impromptu party. They left at 5:30 for office to beat the start of bandh.

Started and finished reading Chetan Bhagat’s “Five point someone”. I enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t hold a very high opinion of him going by his second book “One night @ the call center”, which I read sometime earlier. I think my friend Kanu will do a much better job of writing about life at call centers when she finally puts together her short stories. But Five point someone was different. Mr. Bhagat wrote it very well. Maybe because he was there in IIT for several years and the experiences were real and first hand. Maybe short visits to / reading about call centers is not enough to write about them.

Cooked cheese omelets and a variation of that with bread (proprietary recipe) for breakfast. Oh, by the way, breakfast was at 2 in the afternoon. Lunch was, a movie and a cat nap later, at six. The movie was “The devil wears prada”, playing in the new DVD player Sushant has bought.

Connected my Creative Zen mp3 player with speakers and let it play long playlists. Played all kind of music - from Bangla bands to old hindi to Pink Floyd to Rock.

Saw two more movies later - "Below 8" starring Paul Walker and several husky dogs; and "Under siege", the Steven Seagal / Tommy Lee Jones starrer.

Such a unproductively productive day!


Becoming a Stranger to Myself said...

Oye Hoye...MF!!

And i knew half the stuff here before reading it.
i liked Five Point Someone too.about his second book, i just read the blurb and the first chapter. didn't like it at all.

breakfast at 2 and lunch in the evening is so much like my current situation. there's no fixed time for anything.

husky dogs?! :D

Chitrangada said...

Yeah i heard abt that band :D
i wish yahan bhi koi band effect hota ..ppl r wrking for past 6 days ..huh ..
cheese omlette maine aaj tak nahi khaya so next time u cook just pass on the recipe :P

Kanu said...

Firstly I am surprised I missed two new posts!!!!

Glad there was a bandh so that you decided to write.

Secondly, I never imagined you would put in such a nice word for me. Thanks a just made my night actually looking at the time.

I think I would read the book...never read that book One night at the Call centre...the title was enough to put me off...;)

Anyhow... about the previous post...festivals, I have learnt should always be celebrated. Welcome them into your life for they bring with them the smile that we tend to forget as we go from day to day life.

Hoping your dusshehra was filled with joy. I know it is kind of late but hey...chalta hain na!

Rohit Talwar said...

entertain some friends
That gives me ideas. :O

Grr. Flaunting your Creative 20 GB?! Wait till I get my iPod. Hmph. :x
Julia Dreams, huh?

Subhadip said...

BASTM - Oye hoye, you first. It's fun not to follow any time table for a while, isn't it? Don't get into the habit though. Huskies are a kind of sled dog.

Chitrangada - I don't need to cook to tell you the recipe. Look up the recipe for omlettes, add cheese to it, simple :-P

Kanu - you deserve it. Don't read the book. Don't want you to be influenced by that book.

Rohit - Who flaunted his 20GB mp3 player? I was flaunting the extra time I had with me. Dude, think! Three movies, numerous songs, one book...

~ Deeps ~ said...

yeah.....IIT book was nice but the second one was total crap.........but maybe thats wat the indian junta are used to read....making it such a big success and now being made into a movie as well......

Aseem said...

agreed one night @ call center goes far away from the usual life of call center... and i dunno think anybody else can describe it in a better way that those who have worked in a BPO....

watsay shubhu?

Subhadip said...

Deepak - I know! But that's ok. They make movies out of everything.

Aseem - I say you are right :-)