Night shift

I am doing night shifts - as per EST time. That means

I am in office at around noon IST and home by 10 in the night. :-)
So much time at home; so less in office. :-)
I don't meet my roommates :-( Today was an exception though - they came late and I woke up early :-)
I don't get to chat with some of my usual chat friends :-(
I eat both lunch and dinner :-) And I have put on weight :-(

I kinda like this shift.


Kanu said...

Me first...nice kick i say.

and yeah...u r happy or unhappy???

and thats hardly a night shift...(angry!)

~ Deeps ~ said...

put on weight.......lets go for another trip soon :)

Rohit Talwar said...

Boo hoo..

Get back to your earlier shift asap. x-( Try convincing the dude who likes you? I mean, your work...? :|

Chitrangada said...

I think u r confuse :O

btw now u wrk in morning shift na ..toh ye again nite shift kaise :O

Becoming a Stranger to Myself said...

the title of this post should have been something like

but yeah, even i don't see you online anymore.

Subhadip said...

Kanu: Congrats. It's a mixed feeling, really.

Deepak: Problem is I became fat, not my wallet! On a serious note, let me know if something is planned.

Rohit: Phir ro raha hai? Shift change kar ke kya karoonga? Let me enjoy.

Chitrangada: Night shift as per US time. Matlab yahan morning shift.

BASTM: Good idea. Will use that title sometime :)