New member in SLR club

Mr. Arun Salwan is now the proud owner of a Nikon F55 SLR camera with 28 – 80 Nikkor lens (3.3 – 5.6f). It took us one full day to look around, decide and purchase the camera, weighing the pros and cons of buying this one. He is already showing the symptoms of a newly hooked; sneaking out of the house without telling (to get the sunset picture, he told me later). Let's wait for the first set of prints to see the results and to verify whether he actually went to capture sunset!

Meanwhile, I bought a tripod for my camera. It is not too heavy and quite stable for my use. Hope to get better pictures from the 100-300 lens, which is (as expected) very sensitive to shakes.


Woodsmoke said...

So when do we get to see the first set of pictures where the tripod has contributed?

Rohit Talwar said...

I'm with Woodie.

Tripod to le liya.. When are you posting pictures?
And you haven't even updated your photoblog.. Grrr.

Subhadip said...

Woodie / Rohit: Soon. As I always say - I am not a great photographer, but I have the temperament of one. But I promise: soon! Thanks for commenting.

Arun salwan said...

Hey u thats where it starts now since I have got one SLR i am longing to step out for a nice location and shoot. Well thsnks Shubhu I certainly could decide being u next to me. i know i could have made a better choice by going for a digi slr but i want to be in the gang of SLR and slowly follow the gang.

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

very very very good !!!

ye ye.. .

Arun bhai ki jai ho !!!

~ Deeps ~ said...

gud luck with ur tripod....waiting for some excellent pics