The motorcycle diaries crash

Kailash came back from Hyderabad this Saturday. He surprised me with a gift. But that is another story. This post is about two movies we saw this weekend. Kailash had brought some DVDs with him, adding to his already impressive collection of DVDs. The one that we decided to see first was “The motorcycle diaries”. It’s the story of 23 year old Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and his 29 year old friend Alberto Granado embarking on a trip across South America on their old Norton motorcycle which they call “The mighty one”. The plan is to start from Argentina and celebrate Granado’s 30th birthday in Venezuela. Their journey and how it changes them and the history of the world is the story of this movie. BTW, if you have not already guessed it… Ernesto Guevara is Che Guevara. I must read the book – “The motorcycle diaries”. Someday, I must go on a journey like this.

The other movie that we saw was “Crash”. It’s a patchwork of intertwined stories. The direction is awesome and you can’t tell where the story is going next. Just when you think you have got a hang of the story, there is a twist. Very thought provoking, but equally enjoyable.

Glad to have seen two high quality, thought provoking movies over the weekend. I remember the weekend when we went to the movie halls to watch Crash, but due to lack of tickets, saw "Fun with Dick and Jane" instead. What a waste that was!


Rohit Talwar said...


SayanDi...My turn to say... Loser.
Even though I am not getting the time to be online and be first...Subhadip Dada's blog is a special case. *Rohit is still looking around for SayanDi*

Man! I've heard SO MUCH about The Motorcycle Diaries. Trust me. And I still haven't seen the movie...and the book's a similar case too.

Well, sometime soon though. And the journey you mentioned...saath chalenge ok? Bhalo?

Kyon SayanDi... BHALO?! :P

Woodsmoke said...

@ Rohit!
A plain and simple :x

@ Subhadip
Wonderful post. Wish you all the best with your plans and eventually, the trips.

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

main chalunga tere saath bike par... but what we can do it take my car from kashmir to kanyakumari !!!!

Subhadip said...

Rohit: yeah, you first. Chalo, chalte hai.

Woodie: Thanks.

Prashant: Let's go dude.

Palas said...

Dada, good luck on your world trip.

I too have got some DVD's.. lemme know if u need some


Subhadip said...

Thanks Palas. Will definitely like some DVDs. What about meeting up tomorrow? We can go to GOYA and do Wanley for lunch. What say?

Palas said...

Dada, tomorrow I have to come to office so wud be sleeping till late..How abt day after on Sunday..i'm game