Highlights of 2016

  • Celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. The joy that she brings to our family cannot be explained in words.
  • Bought a bicycle. With gears (which my bicycle from 90s lacked). Biggest apprehension was that it will be relegated to becoming a very expensive clothesline; fortunately that has not happened yet. I manage about 4-5 rides of 10 km average per week. Been to work 12.5 kms away a few times riding on the cycle.
  • Reconciled with a close family member. We didn’t speak for years – this year we both matured and started conversing: this has not only released the tension between us; others around us are also much happy.
  • Took my Mom for a vacation for the first time in 11 years. The long gap is primarily due to the care that my Aunt needs at home – one of us need to be there for her. Fortunately, my niece has grown up and she took care of everything brilliantly allowing my Mom and me to travel without any hassles.
  • Ran a 10K. I am not a runner at all, but still enrolled for the 10K. Despite the lack of practice and stamina, finished in 1 hr 18 minutes.
  • Finally, I am pretending as if I never stopped writing on this blog. I am pretty sure, no one is going to read this, but still felt the urge to write after all these years.


RB said...

I read this!! Even if a few weeks late!

So glad you wrote. And a nice, succinct list, as always. Good to read. :)

Subhadip said...

Thank you RB :)
Or shall I call you RBG now?